Methods for the Matrix Drops’ personalized choice

The efficiency of information introduced into the organism has been measured and confirmed with state-of-the-art technical devices. For this purpose we have used the fractional indicators of the Matrix Drops and Dynamics (Dinamika) computerized devices. After harmonization of the information bodies, significant relief of stress, strengthening of the parasymphathetic nervous system, increase in the energy levels and increase in the fractal indicators have been experienced.

The devices are perfectly suitable to immediately show the effects of proper information on our body. The most interesting task is to choose the proper information.

It is lucky if someone chooses Matrix Drops containing the information they need. Each person is mostly interested in himself/herself, because they experience life and the world through themselves. If they choose a piece of information that matches their individual leading idea, they may get closer to themselves. It is similar to choosing the nicest and most harmonic jewel, the color of our clothes, the nicest plant, flower, animal or antiquity for ourselves. Our own desires are reflected in them.

With the help of programmed waters, all of us can make order in (and around) themselves. As there is free will, it depends on our consciousness how far we live in harmony with ourselves. How far we wish balance, peace, welfare and wholeness. The new programs help to increase our pure energies. They restore the balance of life force around and inside us. There are objects, places, living beings and persons that radiate positive vibrations and information towards us, with other words, they impregnate us. Our feelings are calmed down positively, and everyone wants to feel this way. No wonder that people pick different precious or semi-precious stones from among the stones on a counter. No wonder that people choose different jewels and clothes for themselves.

The information stored by us, the harmonizing vibration forms stored in the Matrix Drops can be selected this way.

There are people who are not satisfied by their environment and by their own energy. There are others who feel out of place, or the world is not interesting or colorful enough for them. The reason is that such people do not feel comfortable enough. In such a case, they may find the missing harmony in the Matrix Drops. Whoever wants another feeling or mood, can choose the missing Matrix Drops program.

The pendulum

There are traces, drawings, and notes of radiesthetes who have made our perceptions more concrete and measurable with the help of pendulums and gauging sticks for thousands of years.

 The pendulum, as a device, has been used during several scientific demonstrations. The Foucault pendulum (1851) keeps its level of swaying compared to the fixed stars of the Universe, and it is not affected by the Earth’s movements (its revolution around the Sun and rotation around its axis). This is an experimental device to demonstrate the Earth’s revolution and the operation of the Coriolis force.

The horizontal variometer, the first Eötvös pendulum was produced in May, 1891. The device operates very simply: if the attraction forces which affect two weights are not completely identical and they differ in weight or direction, the rod turns around horizontally and the suspending platinum string is twisted. The flexibility of the twisted rod tries to turn the rod back into its original position. The rod will stop where the turning moment of the attraction force and the flexible force, placed opposite, are identical. Eötvös said about his device:

„The device I used is a simple straight rod with special weights at both ends and encased in metal, to prevent it from being disturbed by the disturbance of air, or by the change of coldness and heat. This rod is affected and controlled by every weight in proximity and further away. Still the wire which it is suspended on resists this effect and twists, giving some extent to the affecting forces by this twist. The Coulomb scales have a strange shape, that’s all. It is simple like Hamlet’s flute; you only need to know how to play it, and as a musician can make wonderful changes with his flute, so can a physician read the finest changes of weights and take his delight in it.  This way we can gain an insight into the depths of the crust our eyes are unable to see and our drills cannot reach.”

It was proved by these days that the tools used by the radiesthetes are actually able to sense the invisible radiations. More and more people grab pendulums to measure the invisible.

With the help of the pendulum, the harmonizing information, such as the Matrix Drops, can be properly chosen. The correctly chosen vibrations can be felt as our aura, the energy envelope around our body, strengthens and increases. This increase in energy can be sensed by the ones who use pendulums. (The ones who are searching for proper information – those who cannot measure it well enough yet – shall contact an expert who has proper skills in radiesthesia.)

Rod measuring energy fields and the invisible world

Matrix Drops Computer helps us find the way in such a world and also choose the Matrix Drops.

Keeping and storing the Matrix Drops information

Stones, water and other pure substances offer a perfect solution for storing and forwarding the information of energy fields. They are not only able to store magnetic waves, like a computer, but they also store more complex information and vibrations.

The fields surrounding us are able to transfer the information without loss or delay. Experiments have proved that physical impulses and chemical reactions, on their own, are too slow to respond to the fineness of life. Sounds can be recorded on a CD, and both sounds and images on a DVD; however, stones and water are able to “have feelings” and “remember” as well. Water is an available and easily treatable information carrier for everyone. The Matrix Drops and later the Matrix Drops Quintessence with a higher octave vibration are able to forward high-level complex information to the set target.

Matrix Drops Quintessence

We managed to integrate the 108 elemental vibrations and their octaves into semi-precious stones and precious stones. The noble stones, due to their color and hardness, are specifically suitable to store complete information. We managed to find crystals and stones which are perfectly suitable to mediate information. Moreover, during our researches we have found several interesting stones which have been storing serious and measurable information for centuries. Certain families stuck to these stones as if they were talismans, because they felt their benevolent effects.

The paths of highly appreciated and safeguarded precious stones, family jewelry, furniture, statues, paintings, clothes and other relics have also been mentioned by some families. Mystic people had impregnated measurable information into various objects, stones, crystals, into such “secret receiving devices” at mystic, holy places in certain events. They gave much help to my further research work, because I managed to record newer effective information.

Precious stones are able to store various pieces of information due to their color, hardness, composition, cleanness and other characteristics, as well as to their specific abilities completely. It is not a secret that the professors of quantum physics also pointed out the fact that mystic holy places and cathedrals are impregnated with wonderful human feelings such as humbleness, gratitude, peace and love. The precious stones coming to surface from great depths and old times, store the clear vibrations and messages of their past. With such information – beyond the one hundred and eight vibrations – effective help can be given to the susceptible persons.

The precious stones, cultic objects, specific information or mystic feelings of cultic places seemed to be unattainable for many people.  The information in stones were only suitable to strengthen the aura, however, they can also be used to treat other types of information energy field disorders today.

Such information can be multiplied with the matrix method; even programmed water is able to mediate the necessary pure information.

I am satisfied to know that such pure information can be saved with my method, and impregnated into water, and, as a result, the values which seemed to be unreachable so far, become available to those people who are interested in them. With such information – beyond the 108 basic vibrations – effective help can be given to the susceptible persons.

We all know that it is impossible to obtain a new precious stone or jewelry each week. The Matrix Drops offer a possible solution to this problem. Naturally, not even the Matrix Drops are able to provide the same experience as a mystic place or the wearing of a beautiful jewel.

The Matrix Drops do not contain any harmful physical or chemical substance. They only contain the clear and perfectly selected information radiated through the natural force fields of purest stones. The water receives the elemental information mediated by the crystals, placed carefully in the proximity of the water, through the energy fields. The water does not need to get into physical contact with the crystals for such processes. Owing to the fineness and sensitivity of the above-described process, we need an astrally and mentally pure environment.

We have managed to stabilize the water – the Matrix Drops in our case – to provide them with some protection against the environmental effects. Even programming itself ensures the effective protection of water, so it cannot easily receive ‘energetic contamination’. The program fills the place where our environment’s contamination would be stored. However, it is not recommended placing it near devices causing strong field disorder for a long time. Such devices are: microwave oven, mobile phone, television, or high-voltage places.

The effect of the information that gets into the organism can be confirmed as the energetic changes in the living organism are detected. It was a surprise for me and for the subjects of my experiments that the quantum physical computers detected a 10- to 15-year cell rejuvenation. After the bodily, mental and spiritual balance had been restored, the participants of the experiments rejuvenated in a justified manner.

This product can produce lasting results in the long term, if we recognize and eliminate the factors which disturb our information fields.

The Matrix Drops are special because the water does not get into physical or chemical connection with the elemental information (i.e. no physical or chemical substance is added). Therefore, under today’s classification, the Matrix Drops can only be considered as food.

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