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Of the living beings, only man has an extremely high level of manifestation, this is spiritual self-awareness. Because spiritual self-awareness cannot be misled or deceived, every effort has been made in recent millennia to obscure our spiritual self-awareness. As a result, for many, only body-consciousness and an easily manipulated mind remain. 

So far, only a few selected mediums have been able to see into the intuitive field of consciousness. With the help of the Matrix Drops Computer, this option is available to everyone. A person who has awakened to his spiritual self-consciousness clearly sees deceptions and manipulations in all areas of life (e.g., nutrition, healing, religion, education, etc.). 

By using the Matrix Drops Computer, the obscured spiritual consciousness can be awakened. A person who has awakened to his spiritual self-awareness can change his spoiled life processes, and physical problems can be cured more easily. 

Medicine analyzes body, psychology analyzes soul. The Hungarian-developed Matrix Drops Computer monitors both body and soul, while communicating with the highest level, spiritual consciousness. Through this connection, we can learn everything about the soul and the body without distortion. The Matrix Drops Computer asks 8 million questions about the body, soul, feelings, thoughts, relationships in a minute, explores the root causes of problems and shows the way to the solution. 

The Matrix Drops Quintessences are effective in helping change and healing. More than 3,000 different Matrix Drops are available. Matrix Drops is pure water impregnated with creator information that causes a multi-level regeneration process in the body and mind). 

Revival of spiritual self-awareness has become essential to our survival. The use of the Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops leads to a new quality of life and a fearless, conscious life in which the joy and success of advanced intuition and creative dreams become part of everyday life. 

Brilliant Water is the official distributor of Matrix Drops products and representative of the Matrix Drops philosophy worldwide. We offer professional services and trainings in German and English for our customers on site and online.

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Csaba Vida

General Manager

Phone: +36-30-7465-789
Email: vida@brilliantwater.eu

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