Our Mission

Physical and spiritual treatment with programmed waters and the higher quality of life they bring was the privilege of the aristocracy in ancient times. It was recorded about St. Mary Magdalene that she produced water programmed with gems just like Jesus had done and she used them for healing. Alchemists stopped the epidemics with similar products in Europe, and Count Saint Germain owed his magical youth and extra long age to such products.


The Matrix Drops Protocol

Physical problems are often the reflection of the invisible etheric body fields. The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) helps  to discover and explore the invisible worlds within us, which clearly shows us our problems on different energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul and spiritual levels. In a higher dimension,one can only reach  a state of equilibrium when the proposed problems are found and treated accordingly.


The Inventor
Mr Andras Kovacs-Magyar

So far four hundred thousand people owe their recovery to András Kovács – Magyar, the internationally acknowledged alternative mental curer, authority and the founder of Hungary’s first private healing centre in the 1980s.