Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/3. – The Darkness of Khaos and the Order of the Creator

András Kovács-Magyar shares his thoughts about science was the first in denying God. Even to these very days, one of the main aims of all scientific experiments are carried out is to deny God and prove that He does not exist. They have got further and further away from The Creator, i.e., from coherence, and have got closer and closer to chaos. So we can have the question: is it really evolution that is happening in our world? Do we evolve in any direction? Or there is rather an involution…? The man of those ancient times had a completely different state of consciousness. People were supported by higher cosmic powers, as they had a daily connection. The higher cosmic powers still support humanity, even these days. They get into contact with us four-five times a night, for about a half-hour. They give us suggestions and dreams, but the people of our days do not turn their attention even to their dreams.

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