Predictions of American visionary Edgar Cayce

Predictions of American visionary Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) for the beginning of the 21st century.

“In the 21st century, a new way of life is emerging on earth. The change will be more radical than when Middle Ages ended, and Renaissance began. The renewal will be preceded by an age of darkness. Things have to turn a lot worse first for people to be willing to come together and build something different. A frightening period of technocratic ideals seeking to stifle freedom precedes renewal. If forces of nations, that can even be called supernatural, do not come together, the world will be devoured by fire.

In the era of the transition, many will not understand what is going on around them. Only those who accept the existence of the spirit world will understand it. Those who will find the message of the age will realize that there is an invisible spirit world, and there is a Creator. Jesus testified that people can connect with the Creator and follow the higher purpose. In the new heights of the development of human consciousness we can get to know the creative forces, connect with them, and use them in the material world.

Mankind is rediscovering the feminine form of God, its maternal quality. A new culture based on people’s special inner abilities is created. The new millennium will be an era of supernatural perception. Intuition and spiritual sensitivity are becoming our essential tools. The science of the spiritual sphere, the expansion of consciousness, appears. Human consciousness changes radically, and a new type of human being is emerging that will differ not in its skin color but its level of consciousness.

One of the capabilities of the new human type will be a special kind of sensitivity similar to that mediums have. A new era of humanity comes about. A new world is being born that will be completely different from what we are used to. Old patterns of life management and thinking will be useless. The contradiction between science and the spiritual approach is dissolving, and a new approach is getting widely accepted in medicine.”

Further details:

For our spiritual senses to develop, we first need to be purified on the physical-soul-spiritual levels.

  • We need to cleanse our bodies of toxins and heavy metals that not only make our bodies sick but also block our spiritual perception.
  • We need to tune in again our RNA and DNA programs, which have been tuned out due to genetically modified foods, harmful radiation, and vaccinations.
  • We need to get to know how our minds and souls work, and we need to dissolve the psychic imprints and the down-pulling vortices of thoughts that hold our souls captive.
  • We need to recognize and get rid of the negative spiritual forces (entities, curses) that hold our souls and spirits captive.

It is an honor, an exceptional gift to live at the beginning of the third millennium and to be among those who, with their intuitive insights and elevated levels of consciousness, can show the way to others.

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