Principle of operation

The Brilliant-Matrix personality analysis is based on the unique and innovative possibilities of the Matrix Drops Computer.

The Brilliant-Matrix personality analysis is based on the unique and innovative possibilities of the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC). This is the first device in the world that is able to objectively and credibly uncover the inner world of humans: their feelings, thoughts, relationships and behaviors.

Thanks to the incredibly successful research of AI and quantum physics, the device is able to communicate using information patterns with the human mind, soul and consciousness. On the level of today’s technological development there are sensors and algorithms available which can recognize and interpret physiological reactions of the consciousness. The results are easily understandable to everyone as they appear in text form.

The MDC is an apparatus that recognizes and compares consciousness and behavioral patterns. In under one minute, it analyzes 8 million information patterns and compares them with the specific behavioral patterns and characteristics of the person.

There are probability functions which the MDC senses before they even appear on physical levels or in the mind. The computer highlights the probabilities that originate in the individual’s behavioral patterns that in high likelihood will come about. Recognizing the person’s natural patterns, it is able to show distortions and mistunes that are produced by overwhelming and unmanageable emotions, thoughts or relationships.

The BRILLIANT-MATRIX personality analysis creates unique multi-layered and credible picture of employees or candidates. It reveals the person’s attitude of mind, his current life situation and his resilience level. The detailed report precisely shows the background and underlying causes of the problems, so it can help the individual’s personal development as well as to prepare more grounded organizational decisions.

  • It uncovers and names the causes and background of emotional, relational and thinking problems
  • It shows positive and negative behavioral patterns
  • It reveals the exact spiritual and mental disturbances and their impacts
  • We are confronted with the impact on our health caused by our thoughts, feelings and relationships
  • We can learn how to avoid the negative effects

How can we apply this information in the world of work?

  • Burnout, loss of motivation, creativity, stress, emotions and relationships become measurable information
  • From this measurement we can gain complex undistorted information which we can use to make better decisions.
  • The use of this system broadens personal selections based on intuition and experiences and helps with conflict resolution
  • A great tool for supporting change
  • Recognition motivates insight.
  • Confronted with the real causes the person gains inspiration to change
  • The mirror of the soul brings a change of perspective

The result of the analysis appears in an easily understandable text form, thus helping in self-recognition, taking on responsibilities and personal development. Use of the system resolves stress, anxiety and fears. The employee gets inspirations for positive life changes. The analysis can be done anonymously, it is not necessary to give any personal user data, so it doesn’t violate privacy. Analyses can be done on individuals and teams as well.

The measurement changes the event and the observer as well”
(Peter Drucker)


The Brilliant-Matrix personal analysis uncovers unique mental and personality characteristics. We can recognize easy to handle positive and more difficult to handle negative behavioral patterns and features. Positive behavioral patterns create harmony and happiness in the individual, which are projected into their environment.

However negative behavioral patterns generate tensions in the individual and in their environment as well. The recognition and resolution of undesirable behavioral patterns is not a simple process because invisible regions (emotions, thoughts, relationships, spirituality) have an influence on us like a hologram. The Brilliant-Matrix personal analysis offers special possibilities in this unique recognition of behavioral patterns. The effectivity of the system has been proven by tens of thousands of successful international results.

Self-recognition and self-awareness result in a more developed mental and emotional intelligence. This recognition is effective in helping in everyday problem-solving and coping with stress. It helps us to build mutually supportive relationships, as well as an emotionally and mentally motivated work environment.

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