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We all suspect and feel that our thoughts, feelings, relationships, soul, and our spirituality are far superior over our physical body. But is it possible to scientifically and objectively examine these invisible and intangible human attitudes?

Medicine knows well the somatic (physical) appearance of the psychosomatic diseases, but the psychological causes stay hidden and, if at all possible, it takes a long analysis for psychologists to get close to the truth. But is it possible to perhaps detect our invisible world by the tools of mathematics, and physics?

Bio-resonance devices look at people as holistic beings and analyze them as a whole, but their use is often either too complicated, time-consuming, or the accuracy is approximate. Just like in homeopathy, their common method is detecting the bio-magnetic waves emitted from the body at different frequencies.

However, there is something in our world that is above all this. And that is information. More and more people are convinced that during the creation of our world the first manifestation was information.

People are multi-dimensional human beings. Quantum physics has proven that we have invisible body fields, which continuously communicate with our surroundings.

This digital, computerized tool was invented to work in and analyze these dimensions. The fundamental basis of the invention is a computer technique used by space research that has been developed to deliver a special application, for a specific use. With its special sensors, the device collects 8 million data points from the observed person within a minute. It is converting the data into Fourier functions, and compares the collected information with the tens thousands of perfect function samples stored in the device. The results of the analysis are then translated into words, combined into actionable sentences and projected on to a computer display.

The Hungarian inventor, Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar, an engineer, developed the Matrix Drops Computer as a result of his 20 year-long research. This is a device based on quantum physical theory capable of detecting distortions in a person’s soul, thoughts, and feelings and providing feedback in text format.

As we all know, only a small part of our being appears in the physical world. The bigger part of our being is manifested in our feelings, thoughts, relationships, memories, and soul.

Until now the heart was the only „device” that could detect these worlds. However, the heart is always subjective. An ancient dream of humanity has come true with the Matrix Drops Computer which makes it possible, for the first time in the history of the world, to detect and analyze these dimensions in an objective manner. With its special sensors, this device can perceive our higher dimensions.

The sensor in the device is used by NASA to examine planets. The inventor of the Matrix Drops Computer, Mr. András Kovács-Magyar, directed it towards the body. The sensor analyzes the aura and the photon emissions of a human being. The golden plates of the touchpad detect the generated electric and magnetic signals.

The computer scans us at the seven layers: physical, energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul and spirit levels.

It also examines the body processes taking place in the electric and magnetic fields.

It observes the electromagnetic waves emitted by the heart and the electromagnetic flows in the brain Based on these, just as a Global Positioning System, it shows where we are in our lives, where we are failing, and what a possible way out may be. It points out our strengths and weaknesses, our delusions and shows us our momentary mission in life. It can see the past, the present and possible future trends. Weeks or even months in advance, it is able to predict the development of disease before the manifestation at the physical level in the body.

In addition, it also shows the heavy metal loads in the body, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, information disturbance caused by vaccinations, but above all it provides those Matrix Drops products that inspire and also assist the body to return to a harmonious state. In addition, it recommends homeopathic remedies with appropriate potentials. It is also the first device that is capable of detecting and calling attention to entities that may be in our immediate vicinity.


Today science claims we are on the brink of an evolutional leap. However, it is not expected to take place in the physical dimension or the physical level. The only area man can develop further is at the mental level: in the soul and in spirit. The most valuable and possibly the most powerful treasure is information. We live in the society of information. At any moment in all aspects of our lives, we are being bombarded with an incomprehensible amount of important, or considered to be as such, information. But how large part of the information content is it that serves our best interest, health and happiness?! How do we filter out that truly matters?

The answer is delivered by a special product, which contains pure, clean, elemental information. This quantum physical product, the Matrix Drops, intends to serve the best interests of the individual and humanity as opposed to those of the pharmaceutical industry. The Matrix Drops Computer is capable of choosing from the 1500 different types of Matrix Drops that would best serve the examined individual and affect behavioral patterns in a positive manner.

All this is based on the notion of quantum physics and directed information matrixes. Since liquids are an excellent storage medium for the elemental and vectored matrixes, it is used as the carrier of the information. Once the matrix enters the body and encounters distorted information, it will restore those that are out of tune to the perfect pitch. We can leave negative traits behind while enhancing the desired positive ones.

It includes the information and its combination of the 108 mineral elements found in our world and the human body.

The Matrix Drops contains clean and purified water without any other tangible materials or diluted materials. The only other ingredient is high-level information, which, similarly, as computer software, is stored in the water carrier. The well-chosen Matrix Drops product restores balance in the distorted parts in our body, emotions, thoughts, and soul. It is similar to updating a computer program, or initiating an anti-virus program.

The perfect elemental information may indicate the perfect behavior. The Matrix Drops solution raises awareness, provides light, illuminates and brings potential delusions to the surface. As a result of recognition and discernment by the individual, these negative effects lose their strength and their effect on the examined person. Information is stored in the water as a hologram. Using a method not dissimilar from that of Luc Montagnier, a nobel prize winner, who teleported information of DNA between containers through air, in the Matrix Drops solution, information is teleported to clean water with special quantum physical crystal equipment without the aid of any electrical device to eliminate the significant degradation in efficiency and effectiveness.

Why is water the carrier of Matrix Drops? Since the body is composed of 60-70% water, a few drops can deliver and transmit the information to our cells in a moment. Humans can only get back to their equlibrium at higher dimensions, but only if they can find and understand the causes. With the identification and acknowledgment of the problem, they are able to make changes and to solve them.

Matrix Drops assist to tune back our ether bodies with pure elemental information.

So where does all this lead? Our world today forces us to be one of many, to be faceless, to be one in the crowd. Matrix Drops leads us back to our own individuality.

The Matrix Drops Computer recognizes and the MD products defeat the negative attitudes that suppress people.

The problems and concerns will not only temporarily disappear but could be eliminated indefinitely. The energy thus released then becomes available to accomplish our goals and dreams. What does Matrix Drops offer to us?

A major improvement in the quality of our lives!

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