Quintessence is one of the alchemists’ and magicians’ miracles

Thought forms filled with energy; holographic attitude

Dream, memory, fantasy, vision, thought, inspiration, impulse, extraterrestrial phenomenon, happening, fairy tale, connection, ghost sight, are all thought forms and holographic attitude filled with strong energy.  The various forms of visual sight are immaterial and aimed pieces of information. They have an effect on the whole of our fate; however, the key is our willingness to change.

Information confronts us with the necessity that life changes constantly. The issue how a person reacts to these constant changes is a key to their harmony.

When you are in harmony, your energies, bound by your negative emotions and thoughts, are set free. This way we strengthen our organism in a preventive manner. The words of the soul dwell in the spirit, and the force of the spoken words may change our own world.

Ildikó Kovács – Magyar and András Kovács – Magyar

Our state of mind affects our body greatly. A healthy soul only feels good in a healthy body. The physical symptoms are not only individual things, but they may be the consequences of social distortions. Unless we change our distorted world, unless we help the hurt souls, the number of the people suffering from physical conditions will not decrease. The chaotic things in the world are created by the distortion of soul, and by ignorance. The secret of knowledge always hides in the truth.

Anything that comes to life on a physical level is the appearance of a spiritual archetype. It means that the physical reality is not created by material, but by spiritual forces.

We are only able to discover and analyze the secrets of the universe, if we can rise to the information level of the universe.

As we have seen already, humans can dominate the most elements on Earth – hundred and eight in number.

If we start to examine the world around us from this aspect, we will start seeing everything in a manner we have not experienced before! A ripple made by a tiny drop creates a constantly spreading wave. Each piece of information tries to personalize a wonderful story. The force of thoughts produces a change in our soul and being. This is a new religion, a new life philosophy. It sends us a message from the bright heights that lie dormant in the soul. As a result, our conscience may suddenly jump to a higher level. The awakening to consciousness may be an immediate event.

„Yes, I tell you, one moment is enough for you to revive” – said Jesus in some verses of the New Testament.

Spirits under Mary’s cloak – (Vizsoly, Hungary)

But what delays all these things? The spiritual force of darkness does not like the new things and changes. We can recognize our feelings and thoughts through the facts and through our own experience which may quicken the change in ourselves. They can give faith, hope and strength to everyone.

Our computerized examinations carried out with the Matrix Drops Computer, operating under the principles of the quantum physics, show that the energy of our conscience is able to cause changes in all of our seven bodies. The energies, that have been inconceivable so far, become visible.

There are many people who do not believe in the invisible, still the equipment detects today that such things do exist. The key to recognize and understand the secrets and the order of the universe is hidden in ourselves.

The scientists search the sky, the stars. The experience and recognition they gain about energy spaces and fields are happening in us on a small scale, here on this Earth.

‘As above – so below, as below – so above. As within – so without, as without – so within. As in great – so in small, as in small, so in great’ – said Hermes Trismegistos.

The doors to consciousness open and the researchers of subtle, fine-structured energies aim at them.

The Matrix Drops’ working principle is not a question of credulousness,

but an elemental experience

Faith has nothing to do with credulity or credulousness. Faith: pistis (in Greek) means alertness and spiritual sight which the humans store faithfully in themselves. Apistis is the phenomenon when a person only believes what they see. However, the sight of our eyes is strongly restricted in terms of the universe. The range, visible to the eyes, is only a few percentage of the total of waves and vibrations. We do not even see the very near ultraviolet and infra rays with unaided eyes, and the waves under and beyond this range are also invisible.

Many people wish to look into invisible worlds, therefore it is quite normal that there is more and more need to awaken the consciousness hiding in ourselves. My method differs greatly from other similar practices, because it is able to call this desire with a sequence of experiences and not just by accident, or anyhow.

Each visible thing has also an invisible holographic pattern. A cell, a flower, an ant, a person has it. Each mental and spiritual action of a human being has such a projection. As a result, each feeling, thought, desire, music and prayer has a secret idea, an energy pattern; e.g. before a leaf comes out, the pattern of its future shape is already in the energy field. And this moment can be captured with Kirlian photography.

Each appearing material reality has a hidden numeric law, a Fourier function and a geometrical form, a holographic image. Such invisible force patterns determine our fate. The wizard is the big “matrix” “who” is not only a feeling or thought, but more, because it lives invisibly in the soul’s secret centre. Not the emotions and thoughts determine our life, but the one who operates all these. It means that spirit is the final reason and not the energy. Using the simplified modern concept, it is the everlasting and always developing information.

The disorders of the vital force may be caused by mental and physical traumas, or their parallel totals. However, there are things which are lurking behind the physical and mental problems. We do not know about them either, but we see how they appear.

The elemental Matrix Drops are nothing else but a substance’s idea, creating thought, and concentrate of information. They create each mineral, plant, and animal to the pattern or patterns of its own individual form. They then perfect themselves as events, states of mind, dreams and bodily projections. They are able to affect their environment.

As long as a person makes anyone else responsible for their own problems, runs a negative program and cannot find a solution to their inevitable thirst for peace. And the information may get damaged at any of the seven bodily levels I have described.

When we eliminate the distortions of our bodies, we can become complete and whole again. The control and harmonization of the 108 elemental individual characteristic features, on their higher octave, may provide great help. The human spirit concentrates the essence of the soul, the visions, the dreams and mysteries into experience. The human fields hide the secrets of transmutation, and transformation. And its extent depends on our consciousness and past experiences.

The existence of the ones who wish permanence is the same as death. The person who clears and tunes their information fields, recognizes himself/herself, as well as the miracles hiding inside, revives.

Quintessence is one of the alchemists’ and magicians’ miracles

The four elements, fire, water, air and earth, and the fifth element, the quintessence, the universe was created of, were admired in the ancient Greek culture. The 108 elemental realities were grouped into these four elements. There were times when gods were named after these elemental and temperamental characteristics, and the mental characteristics were also given godly names. So it was easy for them to be familiar with the humans’ manifold, versatile, colorful, often changeable, and sometimes labile or rigid mental characteristics.

The force of magic texts came from the suggestions of gods; the chosen conscious persons received them as spirit messages.

Today all these things can be proven with scientific experiments. For example: after positive and negative incantation and programming, it leaves impressions in the form of various ice crystals.

Even the ancient nations respected the positive energy paths, and avoided places with negative radiation. They knew for sure that the former one strengthens, while the latter one weakens the humans’ energy fields.

Human life is a storehouse of opportunities. Each seven body opens connections in front of us. Our physical bodies sense each other and affect one another. Also, our energy bodies perceive each other and affect other people’s energy systems. Our feelings, anticipations and emotions influence us, and the people living in our surroundings. Our thoughts do not only affect our own being, but also those, whom we contact throughout our life. Our inwardness and spirituality sound the finest regions of our existence.

Our finer substances influence our rougher bodies continuously. For example: a cellar or even a gothic cathedral can be built from the same quality and quantity of bricks. Not just the substance matters during the implementation, but also the design and the information.

Current scientific experiments have confirmed that also our beings are connected with the world’s energy field. The effect of the living beings’ fields on each other is called morphogenetic field. Our bodies’ energies affect each other even if they are thousands of kilometers apart. In the cosmonauts’ cells, which are living under earthly conditions, the diseases, the astronauts were exposed to in space, were detected. This strange phenomenon supports the discovery that there are morphogenetic fields even at distances beyond the Earth. The NASA researchers elaborated a method of detection to measure the living beings’ energy and information fields, and their errors. Some equipment has already been used in the civilian diagnostics. This equipment, in addition to the bioresonance testing, has also a so called NLP panel. This program is able to detect, explore and reveal past shocking events in our being’s information field back to decades.

Another great device called Dinamika (Dynamics) gives diagnosis about a person’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and it compares the results of the EKG, EEG, and pulse diagnostics in fractal indicators. These modern devices are able to examine regions which used to belong to the topics of quantum physics.

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