Remote Scan

Remote Scan – Body-Mind

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is able to telepathically connect a therapist and a person up to thousands of miles away. Through the field of consciousness, the psychical and mental problems come through regardless of distance and appear on the MDC’s display. This unique, non-physical diagnostic option is an extremely timely tool today. The MDC detects:

  • Information disorders behind chronic and autoimmune diseases – (eg Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, cancer, circulatory, digestive, skin problems)
  • Causes of fears, stress, mental and spiritual problems, the short- and long-term effects of mental injuries and trauma
  • Physical and mental projections of viral, bacterial, fungal infections
  • Heavy metal and radiation exposures – which blocks the functioning of the immune system and causing mental disorders 
  • RNA and DNA damages – caused by genetically modified foods or some viruses or some vaccines
  • Current life task and the positive-negative aspects of the soul
  • Influence of entities, ghosts, hexes – which cause fears, behavioral disorders, addictions, and personality traits.

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Remote scan Matrix Drops Computer

Animal diagnostic – Remote Scan

Both pets and farm animals can easily and quickly be analyzed with MDC remote scan, giving us a complete picture of the physical, energetic, emotional, relationship, and mental problems of our animals.

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