Scalar Information and the Matrix Drops Computer

Scalar information - Matrix Drops Computer

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is a device capable of retrieving information patterns from the scalar field, aura of any living organism, then comparing the collected data to the stored behavioral patterns. With this method, it reveals typical personality traits of the scanned individual.

Scans that are using scalar methods are unaffected by where the person to be mapped out is actually located as he could be in the immediate vicinity, far away, or he could be on the Moon or perhaps even in spiritual realms already. The information field permeates all dimensions. Tuning and sampling happen in multiple dimensions (at the physical, energy, emotional, thought, relational, soul and spirit levels) simultaneously. Physical presence is not necessary and the MDC scan can be performed by thinking about any living organism. A similar intuitive condition is experienced by a mystic person or someone having visions.

Scalar information

The Scottish mathematician James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) called the world’s attention to the existence of scalar phenomena, which he proved with four mathematical formulas. He named them scalar energies. This scientist is one of the founders of quantum mechanical science. Albert Einstein also used Maxwell’s works for his own theory on relativity. He was followed by the well known Nikola Tesla who was able to prove and actually model all of this. Tesla referred to scalar waves as standing waves or universal waves.

A Skaláris energia kutatói

The scientists observed the following about scalar energies:

  • Non-linear, non Hertz-like, but rather such field-like energy spheres which fill the space. Static and stationary and present everywhere at the same time.- All energy forms that we can think of, that we can interact with, possess wave-like characteristics and can be measured in Hertz (e.g. energy from the Sun, energy of heat, electricity, magnetism, sound). The two defining attributes of energy forms are how quickly their waves propagate and what their intensity is. More precisely, what are their frequency and amplitude.
  • Capable of traversing dense materials without losing intensity. This is exactly why Tesla was able to send scalar waves to the other side of Earth without loss of intensity a hundred years ago.
  • Transmit their ’signature’, their pattern to dense materials. All electric fields are able to affect objects in their close vicinity but not at the rate even remotely approaching that of scalar energy. This is significant when we want to transmit the scalar energy field to various material structures.
Periodic time - Scalar information
FREQUENCY - Scalar information
  • Scalar energy is capable of correcting and regenerating itself infinitely! This fact has meaningful consequences for our organism. Proper scalar waves have extraordinarily good effects on the human organism.
  • This energy is capable of maintaining its cluster structure and its conscious pattern shape.
  • In the widely accepted definition, scalar waves are created by two identical waves in full harmony.
  • It is able to carry information which does not weaken with the passing of time or expansion of distance. (A thought propagates in a similar fashion in the morphogenetic field.)
  • Scalar energy can only be generated by natural means and it is always present everywhere in the Universe.

Based on all this, we need to reconsider whether the reference, scalar energy, as a name, is proper. There is no problem with the description of the phenomenon itself, but rather how it is referred to. A form of energy that is not Hertz-like but static instead cannot really be energy. It is something different. In this case it’s scalar information.

In the era when wave phenomena was discovered, venturing away from two-dimensional geometry and materia, the secretive world of energies meant an ideology which was different than the realm of materialistic attributes.

Albert Einstein with his universal E = m * c² formula established the fact that matter and energy can be substituted for each other. Light has two forms as it is sometimes a particle, sometimes a wave. With the theory of relativity, he opened the possibility to get to know the fourth dimension, yet he did not talk about the higher dimensions of information. For a long time, researchers could not overcome the once revolutionary, four dimensional theory of relativity. Today we can clearly see and define the four dimensional characteristics and measurability of energies.

Referencing earlier sources we can find the notion of scalar energy, which, in light of recent research results and advances, I name scalar information.

Kovács-Magyar András

The foundamental difference between energies and information is the following:

Energy decreases with the square of the distance it travels while information increases with the square of time. Energies’ characteristics are measurable in Hertz and its propagation time can be timed. Information is static and its manifestation is immediate in the information field.

Instead of aggregating into rays or propagating on a straight line, scalar information fills space while not losing its intensity as it progresses out from its source. Among other things, this is one reason why it cannot be compared to energies that have been known until now.

Energy has a four dimensional nature while scalar information operates in the five or more dimensional space. From the perspective of information transmission, telepathy, suggestion, mind reading, remote healing, clairvoyance, seeing into the past and other phenomena, knowledge of the scalar field is vital.

András Kovács-Magyar


 The Matrix Drops Computer is capable of measuring information patterns.

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