Scalar information, the secret of water and hydrogen bonds

Scalar energy in the body can correct every single hydrogen atom covalent energy level to an optimized potency encountered in the body. All this could be verified by spectrographs, which is relevant to understand, since covalent bonds hold DNA molecules together. Therefore DNA damage can be avoided by properly focused scalar energy.

Scalar information - DNS - RNS

In the case of water, analogous molecular information storage is possible using it as a matrix, while the hydrogen atom’s secondary bond enables this process. Similarly, in DNA, and RNA double-helix chains it is the hydrogen atom’s secondary bond that carries the information. In both examples, hydrogen bonding is accredited for information coding, storage, influence, and repair.

Scalar information

Within the cell wall there are crystal structures which are also able to store the information. Within inter-cellular space information can be efficiently stored at higher ordered clusters; such can be found in the collagen matrix.


Quantum mechanical models describe subatomic particles, such as exciton, plasmon, and soliton. Similar to macromolecules, subatomic particles are able to store and transport information; however in small amounts, due to the scalar energy impact.

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In science, biochemistry is the study of life’s secrets through four macromolecular building blocks. Polysaccharides (all carbohydrates), lipids (fat), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), and the proteins (egg white, albumin). According to scientists, life’s main propelling power is proteins constant change of shape, or molecular dinamics, which could take place in just thousand’s of a second.

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Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi, Nobel Prize scientist

Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi, Nobel Prize scientist, who saw it differently:

“Since the water molecular structure is every life’s essence, those individuals who can control this structure on a cellular level, will change the world. The water is a transmitter component in energies, and information, manifests in the matter between worlds.”

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“The abnormally functioning cancer cell’ characteristics create primitive cell-forms, they uncontrollably grow and lack of cell bonding cohesions. This is why they create overlapping layers; causing cells to brake away from the original tumor, and spread rapidly throughout the organism.”

“It is unavailing to continue looking for cancer cures with our eyes closed. Our submolecular knowledge is not enough to intervene in the cell process; therefore the only choice is prevention. We must ensure the best maintenance and function of the organism.”

(The submolecular expression refers to the invisible part of a molecular structure, in other words, it refers to scalar information or program carried molecule; smaller than an average molecule)

“The organism’s deficiencies originate from our own abuse of our organism rather than from birth defects. Until humanity’s large scale problems remain unsolved; it would be an offense to narrow one’s vision.”

“The medical world has entered a combat against cancer in 1970, however even 40 years later cancer diseases have continued to grow rapidly.”

„The current medical practice is one-directional. There were more attention on the illness itself, and little time was spent on the actual health. As a student and alternative healthcare professional, I had to sit through hours of lectures listening to different type of diseases, yet I do not recall any lectures discussing health factors or health itself. Today’s medical world’s mindset is to cure all diseases but do not forget „not sick” is a denial statement, yet a „completely healthy”, is a positive statement.

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