Scanner of the soul – Matrix Drops Computer

Following the discovery of the fingerprint and iris scanners.

The quantum physics researches established that the fingerprint and iris markings are unique because they represent interferences of undulatory characteristics of subjects, captured or recorded at the physical level these scanners operate at.  The tools, equipment and analyzers need to detect and recognize this uniqueness by interpreting, storing and comparing the data in terms of simple binary computer language.

Matrix Drops

Based on this analogical theory we have developed the MDC (Matrix Drops Computer), which recognizes human uniqueness not only with the undulatory character of the body, but also using the conventional fingerprint and iris scanning approaches to estimate these same patterns. Taking advantage of today’s analytical technology, we are able to reveal the unique emotional and personality signs within our electromagnetic fields and radiation. During individual examinations more than eight million personalized information data points are being processed by the MDC. Data is presented shortly after processing to the interested party such as: “the presumably treatable positive and untreatable negative behavior models and characteristics within them”.

The positive behavior models create harmony, balance and happiness within us that reflect on our surroundings as well. But the negative behavior models create tensions within a person and their surroundings.

The recognition of the not so desirable behavior models, followed by the individuals’ discretion, can mean a turning-point in life or literally changing ones’ destiny.

Our behavior models impact us in a holographic way, a mechanism transferred from family, friends, professors, or even from events we went through. We play those behavior models many times in similar life situations, and apply them routinely. Certainly, both the individual and their social circle will enjoy these effects, unless the case of negative models that intuitively lead to suffering. Discovering unwanted behavior models and extracting them, is not an easy procedure because invisible regions of the eye (emotions, thoughts, relations and souls of people) impact the subject in a holographic way. Towards this end, the unique recognition of the MDC’s analysis serves a crucial role.

Following the objective analysis of the MDC, consideration is the next necessary step to make. Every holographic behavior record analysis requires controlling massive information. We managed to map on the MDC’s language the different subjective patterns, furthermore, storing the same in the Matrix Drops product that are necessary for promoting changes in health.

We often experience the phenomenon of thoughts spinning around the same topic for months or even years, and repeat the same story in an endless pattern of mind games. This appears to be some mysterious, invisible power (behavior model, holography, and program) that’s confined a person.  He/she repeats himself/herself, spins in one place as a prisoner of a whirl of thoughts.

Analysis by the MDC takes no more than a minute due to its state of the art electronics. Invisible and restraining powers are brought to the surface by the reading. Marked in details of the MDC report, this key information can be made available according to key regions: specifically levels in emotions, thoughts, relations, and spirit.

The Matrix Drops product assigned by the MDC contains those information which help to step outside of our bogged down behavioral whirls, and allow us to break free from undesirable behavioral models. The suggested use of these drops is 3-4 intakes per day.

More detailed information can be found on:

When developing the MDC, the primary focus and purpose was ensuring its robustness, the clear understandable phrasing, and its simplified handling.

The MDC system’s usage has no specific technical skill requirements.

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Kovács – Magyar András


“A 76 year old elder woman went through lot of emotional trauma throughout her lifetime. I have measured her with the Matrix Drops Computer that detected one of her emotional hardships: “she did not like it when her father lifted her up and hugged her.” The elder woman told me that in her childhood when she saw her friends being hugged by their fathers she always became very sad.  No one could hug her, after her father died. She received Matrix Drops, and within an hour her eyes were shining. Until this treatment she moved with difficulties, but she left the session with accommodating movements. Later that day she called me back and told me that she felt she had put down one quintal weight.” – H. Mária –

“A woman was suffering from serious emotional trauma and insomnia. She couldn’t hold herself together from the emotional trauma; even breathing was hard for her. She received Matrix Drops number 351. After the first day she felt much better than she had felt for a long time. She informed us about how well she feels and has no signs of emotional trauma. She admitted to never realizing her emotional trauma having such a heavy impact on her.” – H. István –

“My mother was measured with the Matrix Drops Computer. Each and every one of her problems causes was detected by the computer on an emotional level. She never wanted to face her own problems, but rather preferred to solve others’, in other words suppress others with her own volition.  She received Matrix Drops number 351 and 534.  Pursuant to that, the computer detected the following: “pays attention to herself, doesn’t suppress anyone, no desire to know everything to surpass others, acknowledges everything life has to offer.”

“When she was 20 years old she was a victim of sexual abuse. Due to this event, her private life became snaggy. The Matrix Computer detected the following: “she lives up to her sexuality.”

My mother used to ask herself the question, what purpose her life had, and when she received the blue Matrix Drops number 82, her future days became happier – before the drops she even cried with no specific reason.

With the new plans she changed her habits of eating, stopped drinking milk and consuming gluten, due to which she lost 10 Kgs. She is able to sleep, her joints hurt less and feel better than ever before.” –  K. Júlia-

“A drastic change came into my life, along with my son’s, who lives with me for seven years under a relationship that was never cloudless. We never talked enough, and whenever he came home from work he went straight to his room. I was taking Matrix Drops and after a few days a tremendous change happened. I sat down with my son and we were talking calmly, following which, he even offered me to go shopping together.  Matrix Drops also helped even with my antagonistic relationship with my father.” – Sz. László –

“The Art Institute that my children attend was collecting signatures during spring to avoid closure. In September I assessed the head master and faculty with the Matrix Drops Computer. Everybody started taking appropriate Matrix Drops following the assessment. When autumn came, the faculty was nervous about being able to start classes, while later there were an excess amount of students to select from. Above all, in January they signed a contract with a university that specializes in art, to patronize the Art Institute. Once everybody started taking Matrix Drops, the entire atmosphere of the school got better and the faculty got a smile back on its face.” – Sz. Márton –

“One of my female friends who was always scatterbrained and lived a stressful life was assessed with the Matrix Drops Computer. She took white Matrix Drops number 622 and blue Matrix Drops number 68, and within 2 weeks her personality changed completely. She became calm and her relationship with her daughters got better.” – H. Tibor –

“My daughter has won a clarinet competition and managed to advance to the regional level. In December it turned out that she needed to learn a new musical piece for the competition held in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. This national level competition was organized every three years, and she had only started practicing the new musical piece in December. We bought a Matrix Drops Computer with a study stimulating field impregnation program. With the help of Matrix Drops number 351 my daughter managed to memorize the new musical piece within a couple of weeks and won the first place on the country competition.” – Sz. Márton –

“My 35 year old sister barely could walk, was dizzy and could only move with the help of someone. She never left the house; she was miserable and did not talk to anyone. She took the Matrix Drops and within three weeks I was talking to her and she said she was feeling good, while she kept me speaking for half an hour. She conveyed her interest in attending a basketball game that she planned on seeing.”  – S.F. Szabolcs –

“I was very troubled and stressed due to my continuous failures. When I took Matrix Drops number 531 and 60 suggested by the Matrix Drops Computer, I have completely calmed down and my thoughts got cleared. I could put down all my discomfort; I haven’t felt this way for a long time.” – M. Noémi –

“I have a lot of unsolved problems with my husband which make us both stressed and sleepless for a while. I took Matrix Drops number 351 and started feeling more tranquil, I can sleep again, my thoughts are clearer, and I can discuss problems with my husband in an uninhibited manner.” – F. Mária –

“A woman after having taken Matrix Drops realized that her negative characters intensified and started having discussions with everybody. This is how she found her shaded, dark side. After a few days she felt that she left behind all the waspy characteristics, calmed down and confessed that she never wants to be the same as before using the Matrix Drops.” – B. Tünde –

“A 9 year old girl was having concentration problems while studying. The Matrix Drops Computer detected lack of intelligence, reading problems and concentration chaos. After drinking from Matrix Drops number 6 and 46, the girl’s mother told us that, since using the drops the girl studies well, writes her homework alone and goes to school with a better mood than before. They have experienced significant changes about her.” – C. László –

“I assessed a woman with the Matrix Drops Computer and detected her family problems. She explained that she can talk for hours with her younger daughter since they always end up discussing. For a few days she took the Matrix Drops according to her zodiac sign, and after that her daughter was talking to her like never before. Since then there is peace in the family.” – S.Judit –

“I have received precise, tidiness-respecting and disciplined education from my parents. Being an engineer, the precise work is important. My partner is an easier, more artistic person who leaves his things all over the place. I thought I would teach him to be tidy and had heated discussions with him about even the tiniest thing that bothered me. Additionally, I stressed a lot about it. Due to Matrix Drops I realized that I take things easier, don’t say a word for every minor thing, and this way our relationship became balanced. – Sz. Szilvia –

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