School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness

School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness by András Kovács-Magyar

Artificial intelligence will soon know better than humans everything that is logical and rational, that humans can solve with their minds. The question arises: how can we be successful in this new era?
András Kovács-Magyar’s answer:

Let’s learn what computers and artificial intelligence will never be able to do: it is the knowledge of God and communication with the spirit world.

School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness

More than 40,000 people have studied at András Kovács-Magyar’s School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness over the past 30 years. His students are among the most successful healers and spiritually the most highly aware people in the world.

In Hungary and the USA (CA), András teaches the following spiritual sciences:

  • contact and communication with the spirit world
  • deciphering the spiritual messages of dreams
  • the functioning and rules of the spirit world
  • how to measure and solve energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul, and spirit level problems
  • the art of changing human nature
  • alchemy and magia as spirit-controlled sciences
  • creative information as a new principle
  • dimension gates in our human being
  • how to use the Matrix Drops information products and the Matrix Drops Computer
  • the art of healing and the system of protecting our health
  • the real history of humanity

Disciples who excel in the spiritual sciences may be trusted by the spirit world with the power to perform miracles of healing, as well as the gift of direct contact with the spirit world and the ability to see the future.

Disciples who graduate from the spiritual school can continue their studies at Matrix Drops – Elite Club, where András teaches the highest levels of spiritual sciences.

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Csaba Vida, email:

Getting into contact with the spirit world is the ability of every human being, and has been the main motivation of people for thousands of years.

Spiritual messages often come through dreams, and deciphering them was one of the most highly regarded abilities in earlier times. The most important feature of advanced cultures, however, was that different groups of people were guided by a spiritual leader. A person who possessed a highly developed intelligence and who was also in constant contact with the highest, so-called intuitive realms of the spirit world and with the Good God himself. The truths he represented and the spiritual messages he conveyed were the guiding principles of peoples and nations. These were the golden ages.

The knowledge of God and the ability to connect with the spirit world have been taken away from people over the past millennia. Who did this?

The dark philosophies inspired by Satan, then the religions that separated man from God, and nowadays science, which denies the existence of God and even the human spirit with its materialistic views. Man today lives his life in a kind of spiritual unconsciousness, in a kind of oblivion, and as a result, his soul and body suffer more and more. The man in the prison of materialism has no guide but his mind, with its chaotic vortex of thoughts. Thought-driven man implements the dark, self-destructive agendas of education and the media in their own life, while unconsciously serving and empowering the dark forces on earth. We are held in soul and spiritual slavery by those we believe to be our saviors and supporters.

More and more people are waking up from this oblivion and looking for a way out of the growing darkness. Today there is only a narrow ray of light pointing the way to the Good God, to the Great Spirit, but without direct contact with the Good God, it is almost impossible to find one’s way home.

From age to age there lived on earth a heavenly ambassador who could speak directly to God (e.g. Hermes, Pharaoh Ra, Apollo, Buddha, Jesus). There is a Divine Messenger on Earth today as well, but it is difficult to recognize him among the many false prophets who claim themselves to be mediums. Most psychics can only speak to the spirits of the dead, who know no more than they did when were still living. The dark side also has mediums who get the most publicity and recognition today. Let us seek out our own spiritual leader, and if we recognize him, follow him, and learn from him.

Resolving impacts of intergenerational family-related traumas

In 2021, András Kovács-Magyar launched his unique psychic medium training, during which he can summon any spirit from the afterlife, and the psychic medium disciple – by making his own spirit step out – receives the summoned spirit, which tells his real story through him, regardless of when and where it happened. Since there are no lies at the spirit level, all previous secrets are revealed and the truth comes out. Transgenerational problems are resolved, and families with intergenerational trauma imprints are freed from inherited negative patterns. This form of summoning a spirit entity helps the spirit, who temporarily comes back from the otherworld, to get rid of the weight of painful memories of the past, making their future lives much easier. The medium, when his own spirit reenters his body, often experiences a special healing that he receives as a gift for his service from the spirit world.

Humanity has reached a turning point. Powers have been unleashed on Earth, that are capable of destroying humanity.

  • Who brought this about?
  • What is their purpose?
  • How can the destruction of the world be stopped?
  • How can we protect our bodies, souls, and spirits from the dark powers?

András Kovács-Magyar sees the cosmic correlations and knows the rules of the higher-level world order. His disciples can gain insight into these worlds and acquire the knowledge to achieve unique success and results in any area of their lives.


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