Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/11. – Science is mechanical, the Good God is organic

Join András Kovács-Magyar as he talks about “Chemistry”, which is an Egyptian word, it means dark earth, and dark, secret science also. The Egyptian Pharaos, and their priests, i.e., their maguses, and alchemists, were guardians so that people wouldn’t release the dark spirits from the bottle. This is what science did. It released the spirits of heavy metals from the bottle; and, these instances always started new ages. Bronze Age, Iron Age… And the more advanced a nation’s science, the more effective killing weapons it could produce and the more people it could slaughter. Chemistry is a spiritual power opposing the revealed spiritual knowledge. Nowadays, they produce all the plastic products of hard coal tar, i.e., pitch… Tar kills everything. It is an anti-life material. Those that affect allopathically are mechanisms, and those that affect life-like are organisms. Science is mechanical, and the world of the Good God is organic, i.e., life-like.

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