Shift in Levels of Consciousness – Crystal-transformation

It is public knowledge today that with modern communications methods, it ispossible to reach anyone quickly as well as we can almost hold the wholeworld in our hands. We don’t even realize anymore that this type ofcloseness really does not help with conscious development, which is themain reason for being here on this Earth.

All the while our trust shifts to machines, codes, displays, software andforeign memory chips, clouds and virtual things, yet our own capabilities,senses and abilities to remember, continuously lose from their sensitivity.The Matrix Drops products and theMatrix Drops Computer(MDC) recommend a way out of this dead end for its users who will be ableto activate and urge their conscious systems for wakefulness. In half aminute, the MDC asks millions of questions from the information fields ofthe observed individual while, in parallel, collects the answers immediatelyas well. To the self-evaluating individual, the computer then presents theanswers of the scanned consciousness in ranked and grouped fashion.

Extra ability of the computer is that it is also able to tune to another person,animal, plant or entity known by us and to complete the scan. Theeffectiveness and accuracy of the remote scan may depend on how muchwe are able to visualize the scanned being. We may refer to this as braintraining, or consciousness training with a digital display.Achievements in the world of communications in themselves are incapableof carrying moral values. One of the extraordinary abilities of the MatrixDrops Computer is that it is the true and honest mirror of living beings’ soul.One of the most important aspect of existence and human relationships iscommunication. Credibility of information found on the world-wide- web isdoubtful in many cases. With the help of the Matrix Drops Computer, thedecodable messages arriving from our soul are credible. And those thatdon’t believe even themselves are afraid of looking at their own self-conscience.

Crystal transformation

One of the key concepts of understanding conscious development is crystaltransformation. Through this analogy is how I want to demonstrate ourinvention, then keep track of the conscious level progression that can beachieved due to continuous development.

The concept of crystal transformation or crystal rearrangement is primarilyused in geology, in mineralogy, crystallography and in analytical chemistry.For example, we call something as going through crystal re-transformationwhen ordinary jura lime stone turns into marble or when carbon transformsinto graphite and diamond.

Allotropes of carbon: a) diamond, b) graphite, c) lonsdaleite, d)C 60  buckminsterfullerene, e) C 540 ,Fullerite f) C 70 , g) amorphous carbon, andh) single-walled carbon nanotube.

In geology, factors triggering changes are pressure, shearing, heat andtensions related to these. Changes taking place in human consciousnessare similar to those observed in geology. Changes at a conscious level maytake place by living through pressures and tensions of certain livingconditions, by learning as well as coming to revelations triggered by variouslife situation experiences. Our consciousness adjusts to solve momentarylife assignments. Our crystal structure is constantly rearranging. All this isreflected in the dominant crystal structure formed by our momentary level-and state of consciousness.

Through our observations with the MDC, these processes can be trackedand decoded into written format. This is how the imprinted effects of earliermemories, manifestations, relationships and behaviors on our soul arerevealed to us. Signals from the soul can already be read, perceived evenwhen they have not yet left a mark in the physique because therearrangement of crystals in our body usually takes longer. Knowledgegained through empathy, experience means conscious development andconscious transformation as well.


The most efficient weapon of the ruling powers today is thecommercialization of arts and science. However, products can easilybe ridiculed or ignored.

People of status quo are doing everything in their power to expel to theperimeter those free thinkers, students and artists – and therefore their art –that are pushing on the boundaries of the artificially created line for scienceand the arts, so they could not truly be influential to the course of historyand society. 

In many instances, innovations causing paradigm shifts shake existingstructures at the foundations. Such transformations can only be acceptedby people that have a clear understanding of quantum mechanical rules.Based on this understanding they don’t live by rules based on certainty, butrather by being conscious of probabilities.

Those that devised quantum mechanics created a chronic crisis for materialscientists. Relying on scientific experiments and mathematical conclusions,they decided the omnipotent nature of cause and effect relationship formingthe foundation of logical thinking. New revelations shook the foundations ofthe entire scientific thinking. The significance of Lobacsevszkij, Bolyai andEinstein can be summarized by highlighting that the non-Euclideangeometry and general relativity meant a real opening opportunity forconsciousness. They have lead us to abstractions and the realm of newdimensions. Scientists wearily let theories or hypotheses into their worldthat may upset the order of their material constructs.

Behind the thesis of each published paper there lies a grandiose researchinstitute, knowledge base, language construct, financial and innovativemotivation. Seldom do surprising, scientifically analyzable results,recognitions come to light which cannot be associated with professionalscientists, but are rather the products of experimenting, creative andintuitive people or even artists.

By detecting the crystal transformation taking place, we are able to map the individual’s state of consciousness.

András Kovács-Magyar

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