We are confronted by many problems during our lifetime that we cannot solve with the current level of our consciousness.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
We must learn to see the world anew.” (Albert Einstein)

We are confronted by many problems during our lifetime that we cannot solve with the current level of our consciousness. In these cases our mind can only establish the problems but the answers to the questions why and how to go forth can only be arrived at through a higher level of consciousness. In order to come into contact with higher consciousness levels, we need a common language that can be interpreted by all the levels of the consciousness and a communication channel between our consciousness and higher levels. In our system the common language is the Matrix Drops Information and the communication channel is the Matrix Drops Computer.

  • The effect of the Matrix Drops Information is independent of spacetime and our will. From the human level of consciousness, a higher level of consciousness manifests itself. The effect of the Matrix Drops Information is to activate the ability to change and to inspire the development of consciousness.

  • The Matrix Drops Computer compares the personal, specific consciousness patterns of the tested person with information patterns of the higher consciousness, independent of the influence of our mind and will.

The effect of the Matrix information is unique: universal communication ability. Researchers recognized that there is not only a visible and measurable physical reality but there is a transcendent reality as well, which is called the MATRIX. The organizing principle of the Matrix is the information that is the highest known dimension, where the laws of physics and energy are not valid and it is not connected to space and time.

The level of the human mind is above the physical level, but there is a higher level as well.” (David Bohm)

The Matrix information makes its effect on the human through his consciousness. Humans are physical-intellectual-spiritual beings. Their special consciousness and free will stands above all other material beings. Their spiritual nature manifests itself not only in discovering and applying the laws of nature but also in recognizing the limits of their own abilities and furthermore in admitting that there is a higher consciousness that exists beyond human consciousness.

The Matrix information is the supportive tool of the personal and dynamic consciousness development. A highly developed consciousness can provide answers to the constant challenges of life. With the help of Matrix information, we can create a new reality within ourselves and the world around us.

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