Removing the curse

Removing the curse was the solution

“I can turn my neck again, and it doesn’t hurt anymore, and my shoulders are lowered again…”

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Beauty, Health and Youth

Revolutionary new inner-external embellishment – Matrix Drops Age-defying Program – An example with the Revitalizing Serum

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Matrix Drops Computer downloadable Brochure

Matrix Drops Computer – Get connected to your Divine Consciousness and rely on your Awaken Discernment.

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András Kovács-Magyar - Brilliant Water

The spiritual heights of seeing the future – 10/4. Matrix Survival Pack

In this video András Kovács-Magyar speaks about there was an inscription at the place of the oracle of Delphi: “Know yourself!” Because if you get to know how you function, at the same time you also realize that the whole world works exactly the same. This is the final essence of all foretelling: to project […]

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Remote Scan

Remote scan: The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is able to telepathically connect a therapist and a person up to thousands of miles away.

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Brilliant Water PR 2015

In the present day, almost all of us use quantum physical devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops which assist us in getting to know the surrounding environment more and in ever increasing detail.

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