Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/11. – Science is mechanical, the Good God is organic

Join András Kovács-Magyar as he talks about “Chemistry”, which is an Egyptian word, it means dark earth, and dark, secret science also.

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Methods for the Matrix Drops’ personalized choice

The efficiency of information introduced into the organism has been measured and confirmed with state-of-the-art technical devices.

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Information in the stone

The stones are perfect carriers, and can help restore the balance of the immune system.

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Virus detection with information

Entry of the virus requires of the presence of certain receptors on the cell surface. CD4 receptors and coal / core receptors such as CCR5 or CXCR4. These receptors interact with protein complexes which are embedded in the viral envelope.

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Quintessence is one of the alchemists’ and magicians’ miracles

Dream, memory, fantasy, vision, thought, inspiration, impulse, extraterrestrial phenomenon, happening, fairy tale, connection, ghost sight, are all thought forms and holographic attitude filled with strong energy.

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The Matrix Drops are like a modern GPS

Many people prefer a standstill; therefore, their ideas and opinions are anchored in their conscience.

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The Matrix Drops invention was developed to harmonize the modern quantum physical human model

The essence and purpose of my invention is to harmonize the energy fields of natural elements, minerals, plants, animals and humans.

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