How are inorganic elements formed?

There are more and more problems in the world, because people are only concerned with the material, inessential part of things. They have taken away the spirituality, the essence, and living beings are treated as bare materials.

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The great nothingness is coming – the digital world

We need to generate insights that are not scientific. We must go back in history to identify the forces that will provide the solutions to today’s social and health problems.

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kosmischen Zusammenhängen

When thinking became independent, knowledge became detached from cosmic relations

It is very important to look forward, into the future, but what is even more important is to look back into the past and release the blockages there.

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Brightness and darkness – in spiritual terms

The dark side wants to cover up all that is divine. But Brightness wants to reveal everything, make everything visible, even the secrets.

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Demon of Shame

Shame is one of the most destructive, demonic forces in life. The feeling of shame always arises in us because of something that others have done to us.

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