Osteoporosis was corrected by Matrix Drops products

Thank you for the opportunity that I can once again experience a series of miracles with you that others can’t even imagine. 10 years ago, with your help I was healed of seemingly hopeless case of pancreatic inflammation.

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Hypothyroidism gone in just a few weeks

The Matrix Drops Computer analysis showed me other invisible problems – connected to my current problem – which were developing in my weakened system. The MDC suggested some Matrix Drops that can help rebalance my thoughts and feelings in order to avoid their physical projection into my body.

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An extremely withdrawn child

Matrix Drops – ArnicaAfter the Matrix Drops treatment, the child changed back to how he used to be and started playing, laughing and opening up as his will to live retuned.

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Ovarian cysts are healed without surgery

I was a bit skeptical before the analysis, but this skepticism quickly gave way to surprise and wonder. The MDC saw so deeply into me, in a way that is incomprehensible to a layperson.

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Giving birth easily – instead of caesarean section thanks to the miracle of Matrix Drops

I’m going to share my personal experience with you. I was a 43-year-old pregnant woman who already had two older children, and I was preparing for the birth of my third child. The gynecologist reassured me with the word “C-section”. At that time, I already knew about Matrix Drops products recommended for female reproductive information […]

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A child who couldn’t speak started talking thanks to Matrix Drops

The analysis showed that the child was sleeping above a Hartmann zone and receiving geopathic earth radiation. The computer recommended MD 1501F drops to help her slowed brain activity due to information disturbances.

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Relief from the agonizing symptoms of shortness of breath thanks to Matrix Drops

The Matrix Drops sun cream – sunscreen – is amazing. We’re still beautifully tan even two months after leaving the tropics, and what’s more, we didn’t burn or peel!

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Take back control of your health – Matrix Drops Protocol Ildiko and Andras Kovacs-Magyar

How important to you is your present and future health? Not just the values which we create but rather our health, unique approach to life, perspective, style and personality too.

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Perthes disease

head of the femur (thighbone) is temporarily disrupted. Without an adequate blood supply, the bone cells die, a process called avascular necrosis.

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Colon and pancreatic cancer

He was only five and a half when he was diagnosed with colon and pancreatic cancer. The hospital released him stating they can’t operate stage IIIC. Some of the additional comment were “don’t expect a miracle, he might survive this”.

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Irritable bowel syndrome

For more than 25 years I fought against irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and its symptoms. It was for a long time that I felt a constant pain in the abdomen and suffered from constant cramps, morbidity, experienced fatigue throughout that period. Over the years I had some serious depression and joint problems.

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20 years of severe allegry

My allergy symptoms started to show 20 years ago. I had high fever and food allergy to shellfish. My doctor recommended medical treatment. Despite all this, my allergy symptoms’ intensity increased within a short time and a few years later I was diagnosed with severe asthma.

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Loosing 4 teeth

I had a horrific bike accident last year. I lost 4 tooth to it unfortunately among other deep scars and injury all over my body. When my parents rushed me to the hospital, the doctors told me I had 1% chance to have my teeth regrown, I almost fainted of fear. Meanwhile I had Matrix Drops on the way to the hospital. The results?

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Eczema on skin

Eczema is a skin condition that causes itchy, red, and swollen patches of skin. The most common type is called atopic dermatitis.

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Heavy metal accumulation in the bones

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and aluminum, accumulate in the body over time and are suspected of triggering dangerous conditions like heart disease, thyroid problems, dementia, neurological conditions, autism, infertility and birth defects. For the first time in history there is a computational device (Matrix Drops Computer) able to detect any heavy metal accumulations and solve it, cleanse it out of the body with the assigned MD drops.

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Blood in dog’s stool

This 2 year old angel, miniature dachshund, Tesla, started to have red blood in his stool. After taking “personalized” MD Drops that best fit his condition, he recovered within 2 days of taking the Drops.

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They have read my thoughts

A device which shows how our thoughts and emotions are operating and tells us our soul’s hidden features? It had to test it!

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Living a completely new life thanks for Matrix Drops

There was a lady using the ‘Drops’ for a while already. However her husband was skeptical yet. One morning they had a quarrel. The lady was much more heated, than what the situation would bring forth normally. She just was not able to handle her emotions, overreacting, she struggled, and fought. It was not the […]

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407 Matrix Drops solving emotional tensions and blocks caused by insomnia

Recently, I was preparing for a long flight with my daughter. It is extremely hard to put her to sleep on these trips, flights since there’s something new always keeping her up and disturbing her sleep.

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The Matrix Drops Computer is our internal world’s portal

I called the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) our internal world’s portal that provided me with individualized multi-dimensional guidance.

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Jetlag viszlát – SOLYMOSI IMRE

Farewell to Jetlag

Thanks to Matrix Drops #915, during our 6-day long trip to Florida from Hungary, we had felt fresh, upbeat and were not affected by the adverse effects of Jetlag.

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Testimonials about the Matrix Drops Computer & Matrix Drops

„Emotions are on a higher status than intellect/mind. MDC helped in recognizing my emotional traps and strengths. What I read there deeply touched my soul.” Dr. Hovik Gukasyan – researcher in pharmaceuticals – USA

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