Testimonials about the Matrix Drops Computer & Matrix Drops

„Emotions are on a higher status than intellect/mind. MDC helped in recognizing my emotional traps and strengths. What I read there deeply touched my soul.” Dr. Hovik Gukasyan – researcher in pharmaceuticals – USA

Dr. Franz Meister – doctor – Germany

„The multi-dimensional vision of MDC showed a way out of the most difficult time of my life. Both in my clinic and in my own health, I was actually in a very troublesome situation. Reading the MDC statements made me think about and recognize my faults, so it gave me inspiration to make a drastic change in my lifestyle”

Mr. Bela Lukacs – naturopath

For a long time, I’ve known that all information about me resides inside of me. However, most of them I couldn’t recognize and to whomever I turned – psychologists, alternative therapeutic practitioners, astrologists – nobody was able to uncover them, bring them to the surface. The MDC did just that. Due to what I was able to learn about myself, I managed to recognize and get rid of my delusions and develop a new life.

Dr. Muszev Dancso – lawyer – Bulgaria

“When I read the analysis of the computer, I felt that I am talking to myself, to my own soul. My desires have been fulfilled, I could look into myself, explore my values, and I could talk to my soul. With the help of the MD I perfectly can manage stress and conflicts.”

Laszlo Szerenyi – opera singer – Hungary

„Understanding the MDC concept gave me a new frame of mind. Using the MD I became capable of extraordinary things. Creativity, and talent have been released from me. Due to the balance in my soul and overall happiness I am reaching unexpected hights in my professional life as well.”

Anzhelika Varha – business professional/owner – Ukraine

„MDC provides a way out of every situations in life. I have been using MDC and MD, for a year now to create my family’s, my friends’ and my own emotional, and spiritual harmony. In many cases MDC showed future problems, and problems that had happened in the past, even as far back as my childhood. The computer can see my problems that have not yet occurred for weeks and months in advance allowing me the opportunity to avoid them

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