Thanks to the Matrix Drops, my osteophyte has disappeared

A man has called upon me asking us to do a Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) analysis.

Martin Éva - Matrix Drops Computer trainer

He had no particular problems, but he was wondering whether there is a function which is mistuned in his body due to the daily stress. I gladly complied with his request, because it is advantageous if someone visits us when they do not have any complaints yet. However, the measurements showed that he ate improperly and was prone to gluttony that comes from stress. He mostly preferred candies and dairy products. The Matrix Drops Computer proposed the no. 341 drops for him.

He said, yes, it was true. He plays football actively and because of the workouts and his daily engagements, he does not always have proper meals. He usually has some snacks in the evenings, especially when he watches television and before football matches. He had never thought about it and his anxiety could also increase because of the outcome of matches. Based on the inspirations of the test, he understood the need to change his eating habits.

The MDC recommended the no. 311 drops for him.

A few weeks later he came back and was pleased to tell me that he no longer ate any snacks in the evenings, and he was careful of what he ate. He also noticed that the osteophyte he had from his trainers (and could not do anything about and hurt a lot so far) has shrunk to half.  He asked me in surprise: could it be possible?

Indeed, if the soul is in harmony, the unwanted physical problems may also be solved. Or even luckier, if they do not develop at all, because we keep up our spiritual balance. The Matrix Drops Computer offered a great opportunity for prevention in this case.

Éva Martin
Matrix Drops Computer trainer

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