Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/8. – The alchemic message of animal – and plant – based proteins

András Kovács-Magyar talks about it is the characteristic of plants that they are carbohydrates. The characteristic of animals is that they are proteins. What happens then if they make protein from plants? I mean people make this… because God would never do something like this! What is happening when we know that there is 1% protein, i.e., gluten, in the ancient type of wheat, and in the wheat these days there is seventy times more protein, i.e., seventy times more gluten? The wheat of our days is not a carbohydrate anymore, but a plant with considerably high protein content – which has not been made up by God but by man. And what kind of man? The scientific man. Human beings – and also animals – haven’t been created in a way that they would consume plant-based protein. Animals and human beings have been made in a way that they would eat carbohydrates and animal-based protein. Animals these days are being fed with plant-based protein. Just like they do this with people. And then the severely malformed infants get born… it is chaos itself getting born, on a high level.

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