The Biggest Secret: The TRUTH

András Kovács-Magyar
The Biggest Secret: The TRUTH

Operation of the spiritual world
Hidden, real history of Europe

About spiritual science

Presentation of the book The Biggest Secret: The Truth

History holds countless mysteries for the descendants of humankind. Facts, findings, untold truths, and halftruths get exposed thanks to the tireless research efforts by the author and through teachings by the spiritual world. We can become part of this never ending adventure as we gain an understanding of the forces controlling this secretive world. The first part of the book cites Nobel laureates and their capacities as mediums, and then many peculiar religious and historical facts are evaluated and examined. Spirit families that lived multiple lives on Earth are introduced and their deeds in the perspective of hundreds and thousands of years are recited. Through the introduction of the memoires and evidence of the noble origins of Jesus, we will be able to acquire a new understanding of the past two thousand years. The reader will be introduced to the concealed and modified stories and the true acts of the „blue blood” ascendants, the creators of European history, such as the Celts, the Gauls, the Scythians, or as later referred to as Huns in more recent history.

Most recent research claims that the main and only goal of the Roman Empire had been to annihilate these highly sophisticated civilizations, then rewrite the history of the victims for the benefit of the Empire. Attila the Hun liberated his brother nations, the Celts, the Gauls from the ruthless control of the Roman Empire. After the death of Attila, his son, Merovée, guarded his spiritual and material treasures then laid down the foundation of a strong Frankish empire. The deciphered epic story of the Merovingian’s provides further evidence for that claim. After seizing power, the Carolings attempted to cover up the concept of the true royal divine bloodline. Following the murder of Dagobert II., the ruler dynasty’s fortune is seized by Pepin the Short, and the era of the Merovingian dynasty ends. This is the time when Pope Zacharias breaks the age old tradition of appointing apostle blood royalty as king for an enormous amount of sum and helps Charlemagne (Charles, The Great) to take power. This is how the Merovingian fortune ends up in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church through the handiwork of murderer Pepin, The Short, to establish the Vatican empire as it is known today. Until that time in history there lived the centuries old tradition of having only descendants of the divine bloodline as royalty. It was great honor to marry a Merovingian princess as a way to gain acceptance into the royal circle and legitimize and sanctize their reign on Earth.

After the killing of the Merovingian, God gifted another apostle family to the earthly world. Emese, descendant of Attila, the Hun prince, a child conceived directly from the Heavenly Father. His was named Almos (819 a Gesta Hungarorum). His son, Arpad (845-907), became prince of the Magyars. Royal families of Europe knew about this mystical miracle and therefore tried to choose divine bloodline queens from the Hungarian royal descendants. The origins of the ascendants of the two apostle blood nations, the Meroving and the Magyar, can be traced back to the early existence of the Huns and the Holy Father. Through Emese, the renewing divine blood nation of Almos and his son Arpad were fundamental in the development of Europe’s secret history after the era of the Celts, Gauls, Scythians, Huns and the Meroving. The Cathars (1012-1255) were massacred by the Pope. This is how he tried to eradicate the Hungarian when under the name of the Tatars, he called his Chinese allies.

With these few lines, perhaps it becomes more understandable that this book presents the Hungarians in a special way. The places visited by the suggestions of the spirits of the heavens and the evidence and historical facts found there not only confirmed what was written in the book, but also opened the way to a “new way of seeing” in the future. In the life of a person and a nation, it is crucial to see the mistakes, otherwise we will all sink in the quagmire of ideas built on false beliefs and illusions.

The “celestial blood” children have been in possession of the dominion of the dimensions for ages. Speaking in today’s language, it refers to quantum physics knowledge and the world model that works according to the hologram. They were able to perform their wonderful deeds in the possession of this heavenly knowledge.

Throughout the ages, the great mystics talked about the rules for making the heavenly world speak on earth. Its glorious protectors were the great cultural people who spread universal human culture, the Knights Templar (1118-1307) who fought for the survival of their knowledge. With the rise of the spiritual darkness, after the killing of the Templars (1307), the heavenly teachings could live on in a secret way, under the protection of mystical kings.

The book describes in detail the structure and functioning of the spirit world, as well as the astral appearance of spirits trapped between worlds. Drawing from thousands of personal experience of spiritual phenomena, I write about how lingering spirits are assisted so they may find their way to the afterlife. The teachings of the celestials, through their earthly advocates, continue in our time. Once, through the teachings of Buddha and Jesus, saints made known the reality of the heavenly worlds and dimensions. Today, they make all of this known through the scientists of quantum physics and hologram models.

While reading this book, teachings from the Bible will materialize. Thoughts believed to be static will become dynamic and will possess creative powers when put in this new light. The secret of their operation is clairvoyance, becoming true through the recognition of the truth. This code system was used by the miracle-working saints during their lives. Today, Matrix Drops Computer voices the language of quantum physics.

The VIII. At the Council of Constantinople (870), the concept of the Divine Spirit was eliminated from the Bible. The XV. The Council of Vienne (1311) also decided to abolish the concept of the spirit, which had already faded by then, and introduce instead the dogma that man consists only of body and soul and talking about the spirit is heresy.

Certain supporters of materialism say that it is a “sick thing” if one sometimes even thinks about soul and spirit. According to their conceptual system, people who only talk about the body are healthy.
Unfortunately, people lose touch with their own souls when they use sleeping pills, mood enhancers, and other chemicals. In this case, the ability to dream ceases, which is one of the purest ways to connect with their soul and spirit.

The Bible mentions two divine beings:

(Genesis 1:26-31 KAR) And God said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

(1Moses 6,5.7) The Lord said: ‘I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground: for I regret that I have made them.’

God has creative power and creative information. The Lord, on the other hand, initiates self-destructive thoughts, programs, or even viruses in divine creatures. Therefore, it is necessary to update the divine protection from time to time. Currently, one way to do this is to use the pure, infallible creative Matrix Drops information created by divine inspiration.

Knowledge is always a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, most scientific discoveries remain hidden or are used to deceive humanity. Modern psychology is well aware of the ways in which people become self-destructive. From this twisted world, this book tries to show a way out of the biggest mazes of our time by describing a spiritual and a modern quantum physics invention. The scientific approach to the spirit world was undertaken by the science of quantum physics. The Matrix Drops Computer invention is able to point out the self-destructive codes, thoughts, and delusions of individuals in a personalized way, as well as their positive virtues. Furthermore, it is able to detect ghosts, entities, curses, electrosmog, geopathic (earth) radiations and other negative information disturbances from the environment, fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites present in the environment. It reveals our current destiny, fate, and then with the help of Matrix Drops and insipired by, we can free ourselves from thought, emotional and relationship triggers.

Dynamizing our spiritual vision and faith

It is a gift to find those individuals who, even in this incarnation, are working on the realization of the divine plan. Only a mature individual can become a spiritual teacher. It is essential to create an atmosphere of trust, drive, inspiration and motivation in our everyday life. The knowledge acquired during the trainings can become a multiplier factor throughout our lives.

Always check spiritual messages to see if they are from God. Evil spirits preach lies, thereby ruining the lives of many.

The writing of my books and the creation of our mental and spiritual elixirs, our Matrix Drops, was primarily motivated by the fact that we provide a solution to the soul’s loads behind spiritual burdens. All of these are due to transgenerational problems. We get the keys to the solution when we wander into the world of history, philosophy, psychology, spiritology, mythology and religion. Don’t expect ordinary questions and answers. Recognizing hidden connections can show a way out of our spiritual mazes. Our spiritual awareness opens the doors of a new world for us.

You don’t have to believe blindly, but I ask you the truth that was given to me be examined in the same way that I found it. Dear Reader, you will find an exact description in my books; The biggest secret- The truth. And; Codes for preventing and solving seemingly incurable diseases. No prior education or training is required. But all of them should have determination, an unquenchable desire to know the truth and good will. Be ready to accept the truth, even if it is surprising. The mind can be a gift from God and a gift from Satan. The question is what resides in the heart, not what resides in the brain. A depraved person, even if he is intelligent, does not perform good deeds, but with a good and noble soul, even the simplest person can be a useful member of society. Gain experience regardless of what new information you encounter.
Jesus performed countless miracles, the messages of his actions for humanity are miracles performed by God’s spiritual power: he healed the deaf, blind, lame, raised the dead, baptized with the power of the Holy Spirit and fire, taught and freed those who came to him from occupying spirits and corruption. Jesus had a living relationship with the Father, which he shared with his audience.

He initiated his disciples into the divine mystery by baptism of fire. Even today, with the help of the Divine Spirit, the disciples do what seems impossible on a physical level for God without getting burned.

My students are freed from the harmful spirits attached to them and the curses put on them. The number of their successes increases, they learn the works and healings of Jesus, and then practice them successfully.

The testimonials, spiritual teachings, actions, and ceremonies of Jesus were never practiced by the Christian church. All this assumes the absence of a live connection.

Only the spirit is capable of miracles, which the mind is not capable of. Jesus had and still has true spiritual followers all over the world who, according to his teachings, performed miracles with the help of his spirit and are still practicing them today. The Christian church, guided by the divine spirit, persecuted people with fire and iron. It can be seen that today’s Christianity was mostly not founded by the poeple that believed in Jesus and followed his spiritual teachings. For centuries, the victims of the Inquisition of Catholicism were people who followed the spirituality of Jesus.

In 313, Constantine the Great allows Christians to practice their religion, but does not forbid the worship of pagan gods either. He himself did not convert to Christianity. I was shocked to see, walking among the monuments of ancient Rome, that Christians were among the greatest vandals of art treasures in history. Countless ancient statues and works of art were mutilated. They destroyed pagan churches and holy places. They cannot really be called a peaceful, God-glorifying congregation. Their religion later even forbids people to believe in miracles.

Recognition and overcoming taboos may be the key to future generations being able to protect themselves from the effects of many painful life events. As a result of the shocking facts, one often feels like a computer that is about to freeze. He is unable to defend himself after hearing false and misleading information, and drifts on without resistance for lifetimes. They feel it is hopeless to do anything.

By uncovering historical facts and spiritual knowledge in real terms, let’s begin to heal wounded souls. One of the main criteria for mental health is bringing truths to the surface. All the charm and mystery of the ancient world was hidden in the reverence of the thoughtful great spirit, the true God.

I want to add my works to this heritage, guided by the reborn culture. A world with a magical spiritual consciousness was broken by the dryness of the cultures of the past centuries, formerly religious, and then one-sidedly interested in technology. There is hope for a repeated rise if we draw from the treasures of spiritual memories of our ancestors.

Humanity has believed and known about the existence of the spirit world for thousands of years. This was followed by the Dark Ages. Today, spiritual science has woken up from more than a thousand years of amnesia. Some people are able to communicate with spirits trapped between worlds. They have such abilities, e.g. deadseers. People who turn to them often get answers to their questions. However, we can only get answers from a higher spiritual level in order to our advanced questions. In ancient times, the authoritative place for the divine-spiritual relations of the kings was the Oracle of Delphi for centuries. In every age, there is an individual who is able to make contact with divine, great spirits of a higher, so-called intuitive level individual. World leaders looked to individuals with a spiritual connection for divine guidance on major issues affecting the fate of humanity.

The isms – Catholicism, materialism – have a reality distorting field. Order will only be created if people understand what the chaos was created from.
People who live for the mind are unable to understand the spiritual reality behind the physical appearance. The soul is capable of interpreting spiritual suggestions towards mind. In a soul-killing world, one can become enlightened by recognizing the darkness. Consciousness awakened by practical and spiritual experiences is capable of this.

András Kovács-Magyar

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