The book by András Kovács-Magyar

The book “Keys to prevent and solve seemingly incurable diseases” by András Kovács-Magyar has been published and is available to order.

You can order it here in the webshop.

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The WHO (World Health Organization) forecast that more than 40% of deaths in 2025 will be caused by cancer is thought-provoking.

For those I taught and healed during my practice, that number dropped below 0.01%.

Over the years, the number of my alumni around the world has grown to more than 100,000, many of whom, who were healed by my healing method, later became healers themselves.

I would like to share my knowledge and empirical experience with The Dear Reader.

To achieve all this, it is essential to reach a higher level of consciousness so that we can encode our own current spiritual, mental, and physical states ourselves.

For millennia, only people blessed with special abilities have been able to look into the timeless reality of human energies, emotions, thoughts, relationships, souls, spirits, and memories of past events.

The defining difference between one person and another is what they can download for themselves from the information set of the universe.

I reveal these mysteries of the world of Matrix Drops and the Matrix Drops Computer.

Through all these, subjective ideas and intuitions become objective reality.

András Kovács-Magyar

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