Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/7. – The four elements of Magia and Alchemy

András Kovács-Magyar calls the attention there is a very important thing in Alchemy. Rhythm comes from the state of “beingness”. What is the essence of “beingness”…? The “being” descends, puts on a body, lives for some time, then gives the elements of its body back to earth, and as a being, ascends back to higher regions. This is the rhythm: it comes, it stays for some time, then it goes back; comes, stays, and goes back. In the language of Alchemy, we call this rhythm. A plastic bag or a tire has no rhythm. Because they have been produced and they stay here then. They’re not living beings. They haven’t a “being” attribute. They just simply exist. All the elements that you know, and what chemistry is working with, are non-living corpses. Chemistry can operate with these tiny corpses, but not as a living being would do. While a being can create elements, and then it can leave them behind as it leaves. The four elements of Magia and Alchemy.

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