They have read my thoughts

A device which shows how our thoughts and emotions are operating and tells us our soul’s hidden features? It had to test it!

Were you good at physics? It was not my favorite subject, to say the least…
The inventor András Kovács – Magyar  could be a great teacher – I hope I manage to share the knowledge I have gained on the “quick physics class” as clearly as I have heard from him.

Do I believe it if I see it?

This device shows very precisely what emotions the human soul feels, what thoughts it deals with and what the personality is like – explains András Kovács-Magyar . The technical people’s first question is: how does it work? Well, a machine senses much more than us. I will give you some simple examples. What does a man see in a dark room? Virtually nothing. But what does a night vision camera see? Very much! Can you see people’s aura? You can’t? The light spectrometer can! The human ear cannot hear sounds above 20 kHz, but a machine can! The new modern devices are operating on the principles of quantum physics and they are able to sense and record particles much smaller than the atoms. I only have one more question. Do you have thoughts, energies and feelings? Obviously, you are not able to put them onto my palms, because they are no objects. The person who says that he only believes what he sees makes a big mistake, because the human organism is only able to sense a few percent of the existing world …

The invisible becomes visible

The human organism is built up by 108 elements and if any of such elements weakens, or, on the contrary, is overactive, this change is immediately reflected in the person’s soul and thoughts, as well. My machine senses the ratio of the elements and draws conclusions from the outcome. When I “measure” you, an invisible part of you becomes visible. I will tell you how you feel when you have a good day, and how you feel on a hard day, when you are in a bad mood.

“This is your mental map”

I was in a good mood, and I was curious but pretty tired when I arrived at András’ office on the last working day of a really exhausting week (month?). For the measurement, I had to put both of my hands on the sensor – and less than a minute later we got the results. András said that I am tired and a bit overworked. Then he listed my good characteristic features, that I am a sensitive, a communicative, a practical and a curious person. Of course, he said much more, but I do not want “polish” myself right here and now. Then came the “black soup”, my bad qualities: the attribute “nagging” was the mildest item on the list. If you allow me, I will not go into details, but it is enough to say that all the attributes were perfect matches.

What is it good for?

The bad thoughts and feelings can be “switched off”, and you may decide to carry only the good ones – says Andás. – The right minerals or their holograms, contained by water, will help to prevent your thoughts from dominating you, and finally you can dominate your thoughts. They help you to get rid of thoughts which may be “chewing your soul” for many years, and causing problems after some time; all in all, they help you to become a better person.

“There is an about 30 m statue of Buddha in Thailand; the 108 human emotions are engraved on its pedestal. Our body is built up by 108 elements. Interesting, is it not?” – asks András.

Where does this knowledge come from?

– A similar device had already existed at the time of the alchemists, but nobody has thought so far to start operating it again. The unique design is based on eight years of spiritual inspiration and research work, as well as on modern computer technology. Intellectual inspirations and my past in engineering gave me the miracle, through which I am able to close the vibrations and holograms of the water into minerals.

Source: Blikk Nők
Reporter: Júlia Olasz

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