This is the Matrix Drops Computer

Interview with András Kovács-Magyar.

Anikó Pénzes’ show (from July, 2014)

– Greetings our dear guests! In our black and white portait show, we have a distunguished guest today, who has appeared on the other side of the microphone before. We are the guests of András Kovács-Magyar again. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this meeting. We can look all the way back to February when we started thinking about introducing this new machine, which we had a chance to try earlier in the year.

– Thank you very much András for this opportunity and thank you for inviting us to your house. It is always an uplifting experience. Really looking back at the previous months, I’v been preparing for this interview and I have actually tried the machine in Győr, so I’m looking forward to finding out what may have changed with me during the past months. Moreover I’m interested to find out how this person, who invented and developed the machine, is going to describe it to us. So what is this really about?

– A warm welcome to you dear Anikó. I’m delighted to see that you were able to come. So what Is this really about?! Well, that will be quite a story. I’m confident we’ll be able to describe the topic in such manner that it would be possible for people not well versed in this area to understand clearly what we’re talking about. I really need your help to achieve this. I’d like you to ask me such questions that for me as inventor may be a nuisance, but could very well be a key idea for the audience. So, you will be the star today.

– I promise I will ask simple, straigthforward questions because I believe that will be the proper method to bring this topic closer to people. So, what can we examine, assess with this computer?

– This is the Matrix Drop Computer. It was created to scan a human’s invisible reality: feelings, throughts, emotions, relational strains, then show them in written form on a display. And do all this in space and time as well. Don’t be surprised if the machine will display references to the relationship between you and your father, or your mother. Or what kind of attitudes you have, or what kind of positive or unmanageable traits you have. Freud referred to these as delusions or false beliefs. Or as Jung put it…all of us have a dark side to us that will suggest negative/bad thoughts, suggest bad advice. At the same time we have a positive self that suggests good thoughts, good ideas. The job of the computer is to introduce our self to us and to show our false beliefs.

– So those beliefs that we collected throughout our lives starting with the way we were raised and how we lived, all of which over time have planted in our minds and now believe to be reflecting reality.

– Exactly! And we hold on so hard to our false beliefs like we hold on to our bag. They are ours. No one should ever take them from us.

– And it influences us.

– And it influences us. However, once we recognize them, realize for what they are and admit they could be false, if this happens, we can take a step forward in the development of our spirit and soul.

Now, if that recognition is a moment, as Jesus said. I tell you, one moment is enough for you to reborn. Or whether it takes one year, 10 years or an entire life. It depends on the individual. However, since we have a computer, we will be able to see in black and white, the projection or representation of the self. The self that we are at the moment. The computer will display our momentary life assigment, the decisive problem of the moment.

So our little story here will not be about me convincing you or you convincing me. Or arguing about something or acknowledge something between each other. Here what will happen is that I will connect you with your own soul. And your own soul will send messages to you.

– So, this is where the first disbliefs come in. How is this computer capable of doing just that? How does this computer actually work? What is the principle it’s based on?

– This system is a computer and a biosensor. That is why it is unique. The biosensor is the individual. You can have reservations about somebody saying something, or is philosophizing. However, here we are talking about a mathematical machine. A digital appliance. The purpose of digital appliances is that they know the correct answer.

– How does it work that here we basically represent my soul? How is it possible to represent something that we cannot touch or feel or understand?

– Yes. We can only understand those things that we can experience with our five senses. Seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, hearing. However, as soon as there’s something beyond our physical senses, to which we refer as sixth sense, we become unsure of ourselves. All of us have feelings. But these feelings are always unsure because we don’t know if they’re real or not. Yes or no. But I wonder if I am feeling it right?!

– Yes.

– This is why it’s the sixth sense. I feel it, but I’m not sure. This computer went beyond this sixth sense with the objectivity of the ’seventh sense’. Because in this computer thousands of samples are programmed and the answers to the posed questions are objective truths. Every single sample can be found in a Matrix Drops Quintessence.

– How did you know this András? That it’s possible to translate or represent this?

– For 25 years I’ve been dreaming about this. And for 25 years I’ve been asking questions about the invisible reality with the help of a biotensor. Geopatical radiation, auras, presence of entities. And the tensor always answered me with yes and no. However, since many people think that the tensor is very subjective, in reality, I still had a device answering yes or no in the domain of the sixth sense. This 25-year old dream was somewhere connected with my engineering training. And I developed a machine that can objectively see into these finer regions, our invisible worlds. The biggest problem was that there was no such thing as a biotensor, or in other words, a biosensor that was capable of picking up these very fine signals that are messages from soul, thoughts, emotional signals then provide feedback in an objective manner.

– Are these vibrations?

– Well, first the scientific community thought they were vibrations. You are onto a fantastic topic here! Because if we ask scientist from around the world today, even quantum physicists, or, if by chance, Albert Einstein were sitting here – these scientist can’t break away from the world of vibrations. Because everything that is 3 dimensional, we say it’s materialistic or phyisical. And that which we can’t see is a vibration. Let’s take a couple of simple examples. Light is fast movement of tiny material elements, but, at the same time, a wave phenomenon as well. Quantum physicist have claimed already that light sometimes carries materialistic, sometimes wave like charactertics. Note that sometimes, even we exhibit materialistic or wave like characteristics, ourselves. Only there’s something beyond this, that is not material, not related to vibrations, but something completely different. Researchers haven’t really dared to touch this topic, this area, this dimension. Not even quantum phyisicists.

– Will this need a 100 years?! Just like vibrations needed that much time?

– I don’t think so.

– Really?!

– I don’t think so because a machine was born that can objectively show this other world that we call INFORMATION. However, information is not limited by materia or vibration. It is a completely different category. A different dimension. And what’s fantastic is that there’s an appliance that can touch this dimension with the ’seventh sense’, can sense it, can comprehend it, can provide feedback about it and can display it in understandable, written form.

– How did it come about that this phenomenon was noted in America? Because researchers at NASA were looking at this.

– NASA already had a similar machine which they were able to use to observe that certain things can be measured. They named this as the ’feedback system’. The first experiment took place 15-20 years ago where they detected the condition of cosmonauts remotely from Earth. They new what kind of condition they were in. However, they were still only able to detect vibrations. They didn’t think other areas, fields could exist. Even though the world of vibrations is beyond materials and it is invisible, it still has to follow serious phyisical governing rules. The world of information is beyond this dimension.

– Are there no physical rules in that dimension?

– Completely different rules exist there! For example, a phyisical axiom is the rule of the effect and countereffect. Rules of energetics state that if I erect a TV or radio station and I start broadcasting, the strength of the signal would be less and less with the square of the distance. And at one point I get to a distance where I just can’t detect the signal anymore. This is the fundamental rule of waves. The strength will diminish by the square of the distance travelled. However, there’s a different world. The world of information where if I introduce a piece of information into the environment it will grow or be stronger by the square of elapsed time.

– Wow!

– So, while energy is diminishing with the square of traveled distance, information will grow by the factor of the square of elapsed time.

– So is this an explanation then to remote healing?

– Yes, this is one explanation…

Because we could never imagine why it works. I have experienced that it happens, but could never explain how it does. However, since I experienced it, I believed it. Like feeling warmth at the body part that was being healed by someone sending energy to me. So now I’m beginning to understand. So it seems András projected a phenomenon that already existed, but we just didn’t know what it was.

That’s right. Until it can be proven. Until it can be comprehended. Until there is not an appliance. And until it can be repeatedly shown multiple times. Until then, we can only say that there’s something maybe, but it’s not certain.

– Our faith.

– Faith is not materialistic and it is not related to energy. It is a completely different thing. It is really like thought-transference or telepathy, like intuition, like energy that is sent remotely. As you very well articulated it, „you received remote help, remote healing”. For a long time, we believed that in these cases energies were flowing freely, but we realized that is not what’s happening. It’s not energy. Rather it is information. And this is a new dimension. And this information didn’t travel via the telephone from hundreds of kilometers away as someone was treating you. You received information in this quantum space and it is irrelevant if it’s 500, 5000 or 50000 kilometers away. The information is there in that instance and it affects your energies, and, through those, your body. As we influence higher dimensions, the effects will be projected at the lower dimensions.

– This is why you were able to model this on a computer.

– Right because it is information.

– Because it operates on the principle a computer operates on. Based on the Fourier analysis principle.

– Exactly. It works on the basis on Fourier analysis. But this is where I had the most difficult task. That is, from what or from whom can I draw Fourier series. This is where I spent the most time thinking.

– How were you able to detect and project these special things, such as human emotions and thoughts?

– For a long time I couldn’t detect it because the philosophers of the world are all think in the realm of energy. As an engineer, I was thinking about energies myself. Then came an idea, or let’s put it this way, it was insipration. This inspiration suggested to try to catch or measure the information. At first it seemed impossible. Later I was able to get a hold of the momentary change taking place in the individual. This is what would best describe information around the person. So, now when I scan you, you will be this biosensor that detects the information that is in the fine regions sorrounding you. I will compare this information with the essential information of the Matrix Drops Quintessences. This is how your thoughts, feelings, relationships and observations about your past and future as well as your life assignment can be displayed. Our second step will be that we will not only scan you, but you will think of someone, concentrate for one minute, and we will scan that person with the exact same accuracy as if that person were sitting here.

– So, really then I can think of someone who is not among us anymore since the information is given.

– You think of that person then through your spirit body you will be connected for the duration of the scan.

– Alright. This is very exciting, interesting! Ok. Can we start?!

– Dear Anikó, a couple of moments and I will be ready for the scan. If I may ask, please take off your jewelry.

– Can I place them here?

– Please go ahead.

– Shall I take off my watch as well?

– Yes, thank you.

– Dear listener, it is my turn. If something really bad is revealed, I will censor it.

– Dear Anikó, since some serious personal secrets maybe revealed here we will keep any factual findings between us. And you will only recount or share with others as much as you feel appropriate.

– To be honest I’m a bit anxious about what kind of mental, spiritual and phyisical picture will be shown.

– Please first only reiterate the fact how accurately the computer’s assessment is.

– OK.

– The computer displays where what phase of your life you are in at the moment. You can also find out what your life assigment is. What your essential thoughts are and what your world revolves around these days. Naturally, it’s different for everybody. The computer works with millions of pieces of data and it uses the combination of those to reveal the facts to you.

– Oh my God!

– Therefore it is incomprehensible that for two people that were scanned, the same or similar result would be shown. In reality we are very different from each other, too.

– And is it feasible that the results of subsequent scans could be different now and from 6 months ago?

– It could be different even within an hour.

– Wow!

– Because when you are faced with your own attitudes and you recognize them to be true, in that moment you will consider that idea and as you admit that particular result, a delusion, you will become a different person immediately.

– I haven’t been so anxious during an interview for a long time, but let’s get started.

– I’m going to start the Matrix Drops Computer analysis.

– András, how do people you scan stand up from here after the experience?

– Most of them are touched when they are presented with the information originating from deep within their souls. We have attended many conferences around the globe, among others in Los Angeles, Paris and Vienna. More than 900 professors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, practitioners of homeopathy have tried the machine. All of them told us the computer was on target almost 100% of the time. There were some people that didn’t reveal how they felt due to what appeared to be pride, or a feeling of superiority. However, when we scanned someone they knew well, such as an aquintance or a family member, they were quick to point out how accurate of a picture the Matrix Drops Computer paints of that individual. So, yes, there are people who don’t want to face themselves in front of others. In these instances, it is possible for these individuals to run the analysis by themselves and be left alone to review the results.

– Do the computer’s findings and what you can sense due to your ability match?

– Absulutely.

– Do you usually scan yourself?

– Of course. The machine shows the feelings that are hidden inside all of us, but are very difficult to articulate. Most of us sense our internal reality.

– So, András, then can we say that your computer works the same way as human intuition?

– Yes, only an individual due to human nature is always going to be subjective whereas the computer will stay objective.

– Can the computer measure emotions?

– Yes, that’s how we were able to surpass the 6th sense with an objective measurement referred to as 7th sense.

– The scan will take a minute. Please place your hand on the gold plated part of the touchpad.

– My palms, too?

– Yes.

– I feel a little tickling sensation in my fingers. I’m sure it’s due to the excitement. Otherwise I don’t feel anything else besides my impatience to find out the results.

– The computer scans your 7 regions. Your physical body, your energy body, emotions, thoughts, relationships, your soul and your spirit body. It asks you millions of questions. Then uses the answers to prepare a matrix. It ranks them and displays the 11 most important, most relevant messages.

– Oh, wow!

– We are done. First I will show you your momentary condition. You can read what happened to you during the past couple of hours and days. The computer shows the messages of your psyche and what kind of effects these events can have on your body. This is psychiosomatics. Many fields of science research this area. However, this is something that’s very difficult to express objectively and unambiguously.

This computer is the first appliance that can show the presence and effects of heavy metals in the human body. It recognizes entites, the so called ’shadow personalities’ around individuals. It even shows precious stone enhusiasts the stones that would strengthen their personality the most in the present moment. Through the quantum physical field, we are able to scan individuals residing at a different location. Without full disclosure, our crew was present when András Kovács-Magyar talked about the scan results of Anikó Pénzes.

– During the past 30 minutes, I truly learned a lot of information about myself. I can honestly say that the results were 99% on target and even that remaining 1% is something I need to think through. In the next couple of minutes we will summarize what the machine displayed about me. We will dwelve deep and I will allow even the negative aspects to come to the surface. However, I’m overjoyed about the highlights of my positive side because these recognitions have penetrated the depths of my soul.

– I’d like to say a few words how a computer is capable of reflecting your feelings, thoughts and soul. It is not a secret that millions of pieces of data is stored in the computer. These are the natural elemental attributes and the typical characteristics exhibited. By various plants, animals, minerals and elements. When we scan someone – in this case you – a comparison will be made between you and all this information. When a match is found, the known information will be projected in front of you about that given element. At this moment, the information of Ytterbium Carbonicum can be seen. We can see that this is a compound of an element from Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements. This can be found in the 8th row, 16th column of the table. We need to know what the rows and columns of the table represent. The first row revolves around the ’to be or not to be’ question. This is the theme of Hydrogen and Helium. In the second row, elements can be found whose attributes are exhibited by egoist, self-center individuals. The theme of the third row is relationships, friendships and family. The fourth row is related to work and that of workaholics.

– I’m glad that didn’t come out for me.

– The fifth row is the domain of sciences, arts and spirituality. However, there are two special rows. The first one is the lanthanides. The main trend here is freedom. There is another row, the row of tragedies. Problems of individuals can be addressed by the information of these elements where the behaviors exhibited are similar to the attributes of the elements. It’s wonderful when the computer is capable of identifying the information of an individual with that of an element’s. With the appropriate information stored in a Matrix Drops we are able to help the individual we analyzed overcome an emotional block.

– András didn’t know about me that my zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

My friends, colleagues know about me that there’s one thing that can upset me greatly and that is taking away my freedom or not having freedom.

– Yes, that’s what the computer found as well, but there’s also this little sign of a compound, which is carbonicum. The message in this is that there’s a strong emotional connection between you and your father. Supposedly, this had a strong influence throughout your life, a real determining factor. What do you think of this supposition?

– Yes, he left very early. He was 68 years old when he died four years ago, but it really feels like as if it just happened and he’s still very important for me.

– Let’s see what your essence statement is. In the analysis the computer reveals the following: ’You strengthen your self-esteem from being a free outsider.’ You gather your strength from being free and from being able to look at things from the outside. If we may express it this was, you are not the kind of person that gets involved in other people’s matters. You rather look at things from a distance, you assess the situation then draw your conclusions.

– I believe this quality helps me a lot actually. When we have a myriad of problems at our company, I can handle it very easily because I don’t take it to heart. I can clearly see the situation in a moment so we can move on. I believe we cannot take everything on ourselves so it’s best to go about our business.

– Well, what you have describe may be natural to you, but others have to learn. Many people travel to India or other places where they practice meditation so they can look at things not only from one perspective. For you this comes as a natural ability.

– Let’s look at the ’Mind’ section of the computer screen which lists mental message. We can read about how you think, how you feel, how you handle relationships and what is going on in your psyche. In the ’Body’ window you can see existing or potentially developing physical problems manifesting due to psychic troubles.

– In your case the computer displays the following mental description: The main theme of your life is philosophy. Searching, the discovery of the internal world. Life’s values, meaning of God. Creation of new views, methods, theories. Even publishing of books.

– How peculiar. You are a television reporter. The computer recognized you produce summaries, you relay thoughts and ideas. Accurately identifies the area of your profession. We can continue with ’You have a desire for free thinking and you don’t like limitations…’. In the ’Body’ section we can find phyisical problems that are stemming from psychiological blocks or whirlpools. The phyisical problems represent body’s cry for help. And that it is necessary to move on with certain things that have caused the blocks. The body will send the signals until the mental blocks dissolve. This is related to the computer’s psychosomatic observations. What we are showing to the audience now is only one window out of the eleven in the computer’s analysis.

– It is known about me that I admit my mistakes or I that I don’t deny when something negative about me comes to the surface. We read in the analysis that I have to be careful about not letting my thinking become rigid. I noted that I have to pay attention to not becoming too lonely as I strive for preserving my autonomy. I recognized that to be true. Please tell me, is there a way out of this?

– Becoming lonely. I have observed that many people think if they find a partner and settle down they will lose their autonomy. The relationship will bind them and from that point on they will not be able to be free as they were before.

It is not a secret that I was thinking the same way until I found my partner. Now with my wife we make such a couple where in our relationship we are a hundred times freer than we could be if we were on our own.

Some think their work is their burden because their job is so consuming they cannot be free. However, if they find the type of work or type of job that lifts them up, they could break free and feel better than ever before.

Maybe this will sound a little strange but the source for all these things are our delusions, our false beliefs. We always have to consider how we can bring out the most in a given situation at a given place. Interesting, but the same person can bring out completely different results in another place. Many times we cannot change the situation we are in. And the world is certainly not going to line up to our needs. Borders are set everywhere. How much can I bring out of this situation here and now. However, if I put my knowledge and talent to use in another place, in that world, I may be able to achieve completely different results with my abilities.

– In multiple places, the Matrix Drops Computer referred to the possibility I may have a sore throat. My arms may feel heavy, or there could be problems with my blood results or with my spine. Reading this, people may get anxious. My God, I have all these problems?! How can these results be interpreted?

– What I showed you in the ’Body’ section I usually don’t share with those coming to me. I use such information as sign posts. Whether physical symptoms are visible as a manifestation of psychic projections.

– I’m sorry, let me clarify that I understand correctly: if I don’t address my mental or emotional problems, physical symptoms can come to the surface?

– That is correct since after a while the body will signal that it can’t figure out what’s wrong with the soul. This is when in the physical dimension, the psyche will point out what’s out of tune in your self.

– If we summarize this we can conclude that most of our problems are psychological in nature.

– At American Medical seminars it was already concluded 15-20 years ago that 80% of problems are psychosomatic. This has grown ever since. However, even though psychologists and psychiatrists have taken steps towards the understanding of the psyche, significant discoveries have not been made. People have to face a growing number of problems in their lives.

The condition of the psyche has serious implications. Based on confirmations, this is the first machine that can objectively, not subjectively, show the condition of the psyche. Moreover, not only does it recognize the problems, but also recommends solutions. And this is immensely important! In the corner of the upper window of the application, you can see a number, which, in your case is 1299. It is the number of the Matrix Drops Quintessence carrying the information of Ytterbium Carbonicum.

More than 1500 Matrix Drops Quintessences exist. These are holograms and they make it into our products via a teleportation method. When we take some drops, we tune to this function. And if we haven’t been able to escape the emotional whirlpools, as a solution, the information will broadcast new thoughts and new feelings to us. The Matrix Drops Quintessences selected by the computer are capable of triggering a new way of thinking that will bring positive results.

– How was it possible to tie the gathered information with the Matrix Drops Quintessences?

– Those who are familiar with homeopathy know that there are vital energies or vibrations that are extracted and are dynamized or potentiated from herbs and other materials. Medicines are usualy chemical compounds, made of natural ingredients if we’re lucky, that affects us. There are drugs that suppress symptoms and others that eliminate the root cause of a given disease. There are two methods: one is a remedy and the other is a substance that is known to produce similar to the symptoms, that are used to affect change. In the case of the chemicals, the goal is to suppress the disease, to poison and destroy the disease agent. Homeopathy uses the similarity principle. The former is based on materia, the latter is dynamized energy or vibration.

In our case, we are not talking about healing, but rather how we are making an effort to restore balance and tune back the distorted state with information. We are not affecting the human system with materials or vibration, energy, but rather with information. And we do this after we were able to detect the necessary information with the aid of mathematical functions.

Using a quantum physical method we load the information into the water through crystals. One of the biggest challenges I faced was to be able to do this so the information remained in the water for years. All this could be achieved with a method based on teleportation. Water became the storage medium for the information. Imagine as if the water is a pendrive.

– I have seen a book about this from Emoto with the title, ’The Hidden Messages in Water’. He photographed ice crystals after certain information, such as love, hate, anger, peace… was communicated.

– Mr. Emoto reported about the problem he faced that he was able to detect the phenomenon only for a moment. Once his ice crystals melted, he was unable to detect the information in the water. For over 20 years, we researched how we would be able to store the information forever in the Matrix Drops Quintessences. This is an integral of our invention today.

When you receive a few drops from the information the computer determined, the water within you, which makes up 70-80% of your system and 90% of your brain, you go through such transformation like when bacterial culture is introduced to cream which turns into sour cream. Cream turns into sour cream due to the effects of a speck of material.

In our case, if you receive the perfect information, it will reach every corner of your system in an instant. This way you can tune to the pure information immediately which triggers the change within you.

– I’ve been constantly thinking about something during our discussion. Since we are talking about information here, András had to first catch those millions and millions of problems that we can refer to as attributes.

– Yes, yes.

– Wow!

– We’re talking about a few million basic programs. However, the combination of these also exist. If we calculate the combination of two, three, four numbers, we can see how the numbers are getting progressively larger. There are millions and millions of combinations in our computer. And if someone sits down in this chair, there is no chance the results and correlation would be even remotely similar to someone else’s. Surely you are familiar with astrology. There 12 personality types are determined with certain abilities and attributes. All this spiced up with ascendants, moon signs and other factors.

– Basic characteristics, yes.

– In our case, there are multi-million combination possibilites. This is why it’s so fine tuned. This is why it’s perfect. This is why it can tell me with pinpoint accuracy what or who I am.

– This is very interesting and I’m sure my voice reflects that I’m in a different place than I was at the beginning of the interview. There are then some basic truths, or if we can express these as beliefs, that are typical of me. And there are others that influence me at this moment. Where is the future in this?

– The present has basic functions, momentary functions. These express what your momentary troubles are, what your has been revolving around recently. The functions also highlight what events happened in the past. What have violated your autonomy. This could have been a medical procedure that affected you in being able to exercise your free will. Something that may have helped you in an emergency, but had also created the presence of an emotional block in your sould. The computer is capable of displaying these from years and years ago. It is visible what your momentary condition is, and, from the functions, it projects a life assignment, a direction you’re heading into. It projects what could happen if you stay the course. Imagine you are at a train station at the moment. A train arrives from one direction. Following this, the train can leave the station in three distinct directions depending on where the switch is pointing. However, if you don’t make a change with a switch, everything stays the same. You can make a decision that you want to go in a different direction and I can help you in that with the Matrix Drops Quintessences.

– This Black and White show is what

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