Underlying psychological problems causing hot flushes were cured with Matrix Drops

A 43-year-old lady visited our office with menstrual problems.

She told us her periods were irregular, her breasts were painful and she suffered from wind. She could not find a solution to these problems anywhere.

The problems manifested in the physical body are the projections of information disorders in our higher regions – in our energy, emotional, thought, relationship, psychological, and spiritual bodies. If we find the cause or the causes, the change takes place at physical level, too.

The Matrix Drops Computer revealed the following cause: jealousy. I asked the lady whether she feels jealousy. She and her husband looked at each other, the husband smiled kindly and nodded: yes, they have this problem in their marriage. It was also revealed that the wife was struggling with the following undesirable characteristics: internal unrest, lack of freedom, lack of composure, anxiety and fear. The computer showed these disturbances and recommended taking the 305 F Matrix Drops.  

As the couple has already had success with the Matrix Drops products, it was no question whether they would like to take these drops home.

The feedback we have received revealed that the lady’s composure has spectacularly returned on the first week and the family atmosphere and its quality have greatly improved, too.

After one month, the problems around the main problem were also solved.

Emőke Illés
MD Trainer


These testimonials are for informational purposes only and are based on personal reports. They cannot be interpreted as statements of healing. No promises of healing are made or treated in medical terms. The Matrix Drops do not replace a doctor or naturopath. The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device, but a quantum physics device that compares and analyzes information patterns. Classical medicine has so far neither accepted nor recognized the observations presented by the Matrix Drops Computer. The Matrix Drops quintessences are not medicines, but products to support the development of consciousness. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on knowledge and experience with the Matrix Drops protocol itself.

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