Useful Tips – Matrix Drops application examples

Soil protection and conditioning

  • The MD 2001 has a disinfecting effect on the soil. It helps to restore the trace element reserve of the soil.
  • It helps to restore distortions caused by synthetic fertilizers.
  • It is useful to soak the seeds in water treated with MD 2001 before scattering.

Pest deterrence

2002F, 2003L increase resistance to moths and other parasites. Use of these Matrix Drops increases the aura of the plant, which disturbs parasites, who in turn search for weaker plants.

Spraying is safe for children as well

Children of Matrix Drops users enjoy spraying in the garden. The atmosphere of the garden changes and it creates a unique feeling for everyone there. The aura of trees, bushes and flowers can be measured by a bio-tensor. The aura of plants increases up to 1.5-2 meters after spraying with Matrix Drops. People are filled with happiness when they walk through the auras of the plants, when they touch the plants, trees and grass. For this we only need to use the MD 2001. We can also experience this feeling in our homes if we use MD 2001 on our house plants.

Scattering seeds

If we have the opportunity to soak the seeds before scattering them, MD 2028 can have a great effect on them as it helps to prevent different viruses, as well as fungal and bacterial infections.

Spring cleaning spray

It is recommended to use MD 2028 and MD 2013 for spring cleaning of fruit trees, bushes and evergreens. We need to spray this mixture in abundance so that the solution can work its way into the bark.

Autumn cleaning spray

It is recommended to use MD 2013, MD 2001 and MD 2028 for autumn cleaning, both before and after the leaves drop.

Strawberries in the garden

MD 2001 and MD 2014 keep snails away. We recommend using MD 2008 for damage caused by transplanting. MD 2007 is recommended to aid in faster rooting. The strawberry seedlings will reward you with a bountiful harvest if they receive Matrix Drops and organic fertilizer. Strawberries are prone to grey rot. This can be avoided with weekly use of MD 2004 and monthly MD 2005. For an extra large harvest we can use MD 2015 to support the fertilization of the flowers.

Grass care and mowing

It is necessary to do nutrient replacement at the time of the first mowing in spring so that the lawn will be beautifully green all year long. We recommend MD 2001 and MD 2013. It is important to spray with MD 2018 after each mowing. MD 2028 offers excellent protection for grass.


After pruning, cutting back, or any damage, we can use a mixture of MD 2008 and MD 2028, preventing infection and promoting healing.

Birds in the garden

It is important not to forget about the well-being of garden birds in the winter. We can ensure enough provisions for them with MD 2028.

Pruning shears and saw disinfection

We sharpen our pruning shears and saws to make sure they do as little damage as possible to plants, and disinfect them to avoid disease spreading from one plant to another. For this purpose we recommend wiping the tools down with MD 2028 after exposing them to flame.

Winter storage and snails

We should air out storage spaces so they remain fresh, and make sure to keep humidity levels appropriate for stored fruit and vegetables. It is recommended to use MD 2003 and MD 2028 in the water used for humidification. Since storage rooms are often visited by snails, we recommend spraying the room or the sand with MD 2014 to keep snails away.

Snails in the garden

The best snail repellent is MD 2001. Let’s consider the year to come: we dig up the seed plots and flower beds and then turn over the soil. It’s a good idea to spray the plots and flower beds with MD 2001 so that these pesky critters can’t lay eggs in our garden.

Flowering branches in the house in winter

We can bring spring into our homes with Saint Barbara’s Day (December 4) branches. Some appropriate branches include cherry, almond, peach, hazelnut, cornelian, winter jasmine and golden rod. If you put the branches in vase of water treated with MD 2008 and MD 2012, they will burst into bloom in no time.

Balled-and-burlapped tree and shrub planting

It is generally said that we plant a tree or shrub as deep in the soil as it was previously, using the discoloration of the trunk as our guide. Water the planting pit with MD 2001 and soak the roots in a mix of MD 2008, MD 2028 and MD 2012.

Brown rot

Since brown rot spores hibernate in buds and duff, we can prevent this process from taking place in autumn with MD 2028, MD 2004 and MD 2005. In spring, when the weather is warm and we try to keep the soil moist, the conditions are perfect for the proliferation of fungus, the most common of which is brown rot. We can protect against this with weekly usage of MD 2004, and monthly usage of MD 2005.

House plant strengthening with MD 2001

Perennial removal and transplanting

We should dig up and transplant perennials which have outgrown their plots, stopped flowering or reduced their flower yield, or require propagation. If a plant suffers damage during this process, we recommend MD 2008, and to aid in nutrient absorption MD 2001. We can use MD 2012 to help heal root damage, and MD 2006 and MD 2007 can be used in the interest of root regeneration, 20 drops for each plant, or 15 ml per 10 liters of water.


If we would like to raise annuals (Petunia, Verbena, etc.) ourselves, it is time to plant the seeds in plastic cups, seedling trays or pots. For the best germination results we use MD 2001, which can be sprayed on the soil.

Using nutrients

It can be said that every plant – whether it is a deciduous tree, evergreen, herb, woody plant, grass or flower – will not grow properly without nutrients. In spring, when the growth process starts, we should not skimp on nutrients for our plants, rather we should help them develop with the application of organic material. We can use MD 2001 to assist with the intake of macro- and micro-elements in the soil.

Pests in the garden

The colors and fragrances of the garden do not just capture our attention, but also the attention of insects, aphids, mites and pests. That is why it is so important to be attentive to our plants. We can use MD 2002 regularly (weekly) and MD 2003 monthly to keep pests away.

Spring duties for fruit and grapes

We need to pay special attention to pests and fungi in fruit and grapes. The problem should not be treated, but rather prevented. With these plants we should have the following preparations at hand: MD 2002, MD 2003 to repel pests, and MD 2004, MD 2005 against fungi. If we add MD 2028 to this “cocktail”, it will increase the precaution taken. With these formulas we can prevent, for example, the small but irritating cherryfly from infesting our cherries with its larva. MD 2014 is recommended for strawberry-eating snails. We can also prevent the spread of gray mold among strawberries by spraying them with the formula against fungi (MD 2004, MD 2005).

Fruit tree blooming

Spraying fruit trees after they bloom is the last chance we have to considerably reduce or prevent the spread of pests. It is recommended to use MD 2002 and MD 2003.

Support of flower fertilization

MD 2015 assists in flower fertilization.

Protection against winter frost

Let’s not forget that fruit tree flowers are very sensitive to cold, especially to frost. The flower fertilization supporting MD 2015 is used together with MD 2010. If frost is forecasted, the plants should be treated every two days with MD 2010.

Protection against pests for fruit trees in spring

In spring, sudden rising temperatures stimulate the quick reproduction of pests. This is when we should pay careful attention to protecting our plants. It is recommended to use MD 2002 weekly and MD 2003 monthly to ward off pests. To avoid fungal infections (for example monilinia in stone fruit) we should use MD 2004 weekly and MD 2005 monthly.

Sowing vegetable seeds

Before sowing, for example corn, bean and watermelon seeds can be steeped in a mixture of MD 2028 and MD 2003.

The results go far beyond what is imaginable

Trying Matrix Drops requires bravery since so much work and energy is invested in our vegetable and fruit gardens and we expect our crops to produce the greatest yields possible. Based on our experience we can confidently declare that it is worth a try. For those to whom a quality lifestyle is important and who would like to avoid all types of chemicals, Matrix Drops is the ideal solution.

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