Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/9. – We are beings with the ability to create

In this video András Kovács-Magyar speaks about people do not really like to share anything. Air, however, does not even ask us about this. It is shared by everyone. And it finds its joy in people consuming it. It spends some time inside of us and then leaves. Nitrogen is a very significant carrier of information. We just have got ot he point when you will understand why animal-based protein, which also contains iron, is so important, and why plant-based protein, containing no iron ever, is so dangerous. No iron ever. When the digesting process gets completed in us, it is carbon and nitrogen that are left behind from the amino acids. All amino acids get dissolved by the body, they are getting restructured and built in our body. This is the case with all the food types. So in the end, there is carbon and nitrogen are left behind – somewhere below, around the area of the colon. When we have carbon and nitrogen left behind, we call this cyanide. They compose cyanide. Actually, cyanide is one of the most poisonous of all materials. It can be neutralized only by one substance, and it is iron. And when there is no iron available, people get poisoned by cyanide. And, in the plant-based protein, there is no iron… Those eating only plant-based protein will become anemic, and poison themselves with the cyanide they produce. We are beings with the ability to create.

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