When thinking became independent, knowledge became detached from cosmic relations

The natural sciences deal with the physical part of the elements. However, the elements have a very important part called the Substance. It is the innermost essence of matter, which remains unchanged despite all the changes in the world. There is no change in it.

It is the creative Information itself.

In physics, chemistry, and science, the essence, the Substance of matter has disappeared. Living beings and human beings are measured by their physical and chemical properties as if they were machines.

In ancient times, the Elements were the path to the secrets of nature. The secret is the Creator, that is, God. Modern science does not provide answers to mysteries because it deals only with the unimportant. Only the unimportant is important for the modern science. Today’s science is an attack on the deepest spiritual forces of humankind. It has made the soul and the spirit of man seem unimportant; it is only focused on the human body. It tries to discredit and ridicule all those who are interested in the spiritual qualities.

Matter is the lowest level of the Being, the solidified, tiny part, the lowest layer of our worlds.

Alchemy is always connected to the divine creative forces. Chemistry and physics have broken up these divine connections.

The task of modern spiritual science is to satisfy people’s desire to sense something, to make people feel that something happens to them, but also to answer questions that originate in the mind. However, the most significant task of spiritual science today is to provide evidence.

Jesus used the instruments of the spirit and magic. He gave us a set of methods to use. Jesus’ representatives today, the churches, only quote his words but do not act on what he taught, or what he did. People believed Jesus because he actually did what he said he would do.

Human evolution has been halted by the mind and by mental self-destruction. The mind has been given to us by God to be trained and used, to allow us to work with it, to earn money with it. But today man has forgotten this and has given control of his life to his thoughts, hence the mind uses man.

In fact, the spirit is the king. Today`s man is not only not using his own spirit, but he also denies his own spirit. Man denies his own essentiality and destroys himself with self-destructive codes. Today man must fear himself, and we are most afraid of our own past. It is very important to look forward, into the future, but what is even more important is to look back into the past and release the blockages there.

With the help of Matrix Drops information patterns, we can communicate with ourselves, recognise ourselves, and we can trigger the immune system to activate and solve the problems. Today Science wants to solve problems with chemicals, but as we can see, it generates more problems, it doesn’t solve anything.

Quote from the teachings of Kovács-Magyar András


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