Who protects us from our protectors?

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive
but those who can best manage change.”  (Charles Darwin)

Kovács – Magyar András

People often punish themselves. Among all species, self-destructive behavior is evident only in Homo sapiens. Modern psychology defines emotional mutations and distortion codes that humans use for their self-destruction. Often, it is the more evolved personalities that don’t understand their higher spiritual structures; this is the underlying reason why they do not recognize when there is resident trouble at any structural level. It is fact that emotional pain destructively affects the body and soul.

There was a time when humans were afraid of natures’ vicissitude, wild animals, or disastrous attacks; but today’s biggest enemy lives within. Our soul, with all its confused desires became its own biggest enemy. As technological achievements have evolved exponentially in the latest centuries, the nature and nurture balance of the human soul has done the opposite and plummeted into an immense abyss.To find out which are those desires, and with what methods they achieve their self-destruction, watch the provided videos.

Would you like to know?

Which are those thoughts, feelings that make our life miserable?

Which are those occurrences that are hurdles to get over?

Which are those virtues, strength and momentaneous events shaping destiny and our goals?

The same way we are able to use pivotal scientific achievements to the benefit of our discernment, many of these discoveries act to distract us. Matrix Drops Computer was born with a purpose to reveal the truth, and enable those which apply it to their lives to grasp potential and opportunity! Facing weaknesses and self-destructive codes is the only way to defeat them without further delay and suffering. Discover your secret powers, stabilize them, and learn with clarity what’s defined in your true destiny.

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