Matrix Drops Farming

Matrix Drops Farming Plant Strengthener

Thanks to the Matrix Drops plant strengthener, plants are able to

  • dematerialize the toxins and the heavy metals themselves.
  • produce important trace elements such as carbon, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, selenium, etc. themselves, even if they cannot absorb them from the soil.
  • take up the necessary trace elements if these are present in the soil but have gotten into insoluble chemical compounds due to artificial fertilizers.
  • better withstand extreme weather conditions and environmental impacts.
  • increase the content of trace elements and vitamins.
  • improve the taste, the smell, i.e. the aroma
  • increase crop yield and nutritional value.

Regular use of the Matrix Drops Farming plant tonic, promotes the restoration of plants natural defenses, which ensures continuous growth while increasing the vitality and absorption of all nutrients.

Furthermore, it promotes the formation of humus in the soil and the spread of microbial communities so that the soil can nourish the crops in a self-sustaining manner.

Qualifications and Approval

  • BVL Germany
  • AGES Austria
  • Equipment list Germany resp. FiBL list of organic processing
  • Bioland Germany
  • Demeter Germany
  • Demeter International
  • Ecovin Germany
  • Gäa Germany

How it works

In addition to its chemical and physical properties, every substance also carries information on several mystical levels. The physical appearances of substances are only secondary since their Creator Information appeared first. This then created the vibration and then the substance. All Creator Information is a small message from the Universe.

The Matrix Drops Farming Plant Strengthener developed for plants has such a dynamic force that it can penetrate any substance, energy field, or chemical compound. Thanks to this, the cells of the plants can stimulate regeneration with unprecedented effectiveness. Matrix Drops contain no additives or preservatives and no vibrational potential.

Economy – Crop yield and nutritional value increase

The content of trace elements and vitamins in fruits and vegetables increases using Matrix Drops. This is how they will get their taste and aroma back again.

The food produced this way contributes directly to maintaining health and a healthy work environment. The complete elimination of chemicals and toxic substances promotes the production of pure, nutrient-rich food.

Application – easy and safe

The Matrix Drops Farming plant strengthener is added to the spray water according to the dosage. Since Matrix-Drops does not contain any additives other than clear water and quantum physical information, no special protective measures are necessary when using them.

A special feature of the information drops is that the amount added to the water does not change the strength linearly. The more spray water that is used, the fewer Matrix Drops are required. Regular use (weekly in the first year) is recommended and there is no risk of overdosing. Matrix Drops are also ideal for spraying crops with Drones.

Farming Protocol

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