Farming Protocol

Farming Protocol

Chemicals and plants

Heavy metals block the plants’ ability to resist and regenerate.

Most heavy metals get into the soil. These toxins are responsible for the multiplication of fungi, viruses, bacteria and the development of the latest diseases. The heavy metal pollution of the soil and living beings is increasing continuously to such an extent that many people are realizing that the global problems caused by humans will hardly be solved with only scientific methods and resources. However, the scientific and intellectual point of view should be considered.

Prepare for extreme weather conditions

Matrix Drops significantly increase the natural defenses of plants, so that they can protect themselves from heavy loads that are attributed to extreme weather conditions such as frost in the springtime, heat stress, too much precipitation or prolonged drought.

Prepare for extreme weather conditions

With the help of the matrix information, the plants ability to communicate is restored because they lost this due to the excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals. Thanks to the Matrix Drops, they can communicate with their close and distant relatives again and warn each other of the possible dangers, which also strengthens their natural defenses.

Soil management

In addition to micronutrients and symbiotic fungi, the soil also needs nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for agricultural cultivation. In several countries around the world it has already been confirmed that with regular use of the Matrix Drops plant strengthener on green spaces, clover will grow again, which provides grazing animals with nitrogen and high-quality feed. The ideal pH value of the soil and the supply of trace elements can be restored even after decades of treatment with nitrogen fertilizers.

Soil management

The amazing life of plants

Plants make up 99.5% of the earth’s biomass. In 1906 Charles Darwin’s son Francis declared that plants are intelligent beings. Twenty years ago, oncologist Suzanne Simard discovered that trees are capable of expressing their needs. This means that they “talk” to each other. At the University of British Columbia, Simard is currently researching how fungi support the exchange of information between trees, e.g. B. Environmental changes, the search for relatives and the transport of nutrients to neighboring plants. According to Jack C. Schultz, plants are “very slow animals”. Schultz – a professor of botany at the University of Missouri – has shown with his research that plants – contrary to popular belief – are highly developed living beings. Plants constantly fight for their territory, searching for nutrients, avoiding predators and building traps. Plants, like animals, have their own behavior patterns.

The first signs of life on earth began with photosynthesis. Plants synthesize materials from light. They are able to produce anything they need from photons. They transform light as a vibration into living material. This is how life on earth came about. Plants can perform all of their functions without organs. Every part of the system can do everything. Plants can breathe without lungs, stand without bones, make decisions without brain. If more than 95% of a plant die or being destroyed, it can regenerate itself from the remaining part. Plants are not individuals. A tree is more like a colony of ants or bees than a single animal because the intelligence of plants – like animals – evolved in a colony. Their collective intelligence is more advanced than the individual one.

The necessary oxygen for human and animal life is released by plants. Animals and humans get their energy from plants in the form of food or fossil fuels.

Plants convert solar energy into chemical material, a process that humans and animals cannot perform. Plants produce energy-rich molecules (e.g. sugar) from the carbon in carbon dioxide, which can be processed by humans and animals.

Humans have five sense organs, four of which are on the head. Plants also have the five senses, but they feel in a different way. Every part of the plant sees and hears. Their hearing process works similarly to animals without ears. It works like sound waves traveling through the bones of a snake or a fish. Plants can see everything and they can tell the difference between an insect, a dog and a person. In addition to the five senses, plants have fifteen other senses. They can feel gravitational and electromagnetic fields. They can also sense whether or not a nearby person is speaking or acting honestly. They can feel and perceive more of the environment than we humans can.

Some interesting facts:

  • Plants can move and feel.
  • Trees can also sleep and lower their branches at a time.
  • Some trees even hibernate.
  • If a piece of a plant is cut off, it will grow back.
  • They are able to survive the destruction of their habitat.

The life of plants does not depend on humans or animals. On the contrary, humans and animals need plants to survive. We are as dependent on plants as a baby is dependent on its mother. Plants communicate with people all the time. They sense and understand us. We can feel peace in the presence of plants.

Ancient peoples worshiped plants as sacred beings, but modern man is doing everything possible to destroy the forests. Humans use genetic modifications and chemicals and the result is the destruction of these delicate creatures. The use of chemicals causes plants to become deaf and mute, and communication between them is cut off. The information contained in the Matrix Drops can reprogram the plants so they can function properly again and fulfill their service to humans.

Plants endure incredible exposure to air and soil pollution. Plants have been damaged more in the last 50 years than in the last 50,000 years. Today’s fruits and vegetables have lost their original taste. Taste itself is information and vibration. So where did they go? The reason is that the trace elements and vitamins have formed insoluble bonds in the soil through the use of artificial fertilizers.

Science: live – not live

The main question of life is: How can we make something alive out of something that is not alive? How are atoms and molecules transformed into living matter? Scientists still cannot understand what the smallest microbes on earth are capable of. You cannot create life from non-living matter. So what makes living things animated? Quantum biology deals with this question. Science divides everything in the universe into two basic categories: living systems and non-living objects.

Science assumes that all living things contain water. In our terminology, since all living things are made of water and crystals, they can be considered liquid crystals that carry and respond to information. When a living being becomes unbalanced, the naturally obtained Matrix Drops information acts as a calibration point for the living being, and the living being can restore itself to perfect functioning.

The manifestation of universal intelligence is information. The information is present throughout the universe at the same time. This information has the same meaning for every living thing, for example magnesium means the same for a plant, an animal as well as a human being. The Creator Information we use in our system cannot be artificially generated, it can only be recognized in nature and extracted through teleportation. Every living thing is a water-based organism. The characteristic of these water-based organisms is that they adapt to receiving higher-order information. The effect of the Matrix Drops is similar to this phenomenon: disharmonic processes in living beings are reset to their original harmonious state.


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